What to Do if Windows Fog Up?

    Many people face the problem of window fogging. In most cases, dealing with the problem is quite simple. To begin to act, it is necessary to understand the reason for the formation of condensate on the windows. The reasons why windows can fog up include:

    1. Condensation on plastic windows is most often formed due to their absolute tightness and high humidity in the room

    2. The incorrect configuration of the window, that is, the level of thermal insulation does not correspond to the climatic conditions of the region

    3. Low-quality products and unscrupulous installation of window structures

    Fogging inside glass

    Separately, it should be said about the fogging of the window not on the surface of the glass from the side of the room, but inside the double-glazed window itself. Noticing the moisture on the glass and trying to wipe it, you understand that the condensate droplets are inside, in this case, we are talking about depressurization of the double-glazed window.

    Unfortunately, this problem can only be solved by replacing the damaged double-glazed window with a new one. Otherwise, the problem of condensation inside will manifest itself every cold season, in the summer the moisture inside will dry out, leaving stains and traces of smudges on the glass inside. Only a complete replacement of the double-glazed window will eliminate the condensate inside.

    What contributes to the depressurization of the window?

    In many cases, depressurization of the window is caused by insufficient sealing and poor assembly. For the manufacture of high-quality and reliable windows, high-precision automated equipment is required, which is expensive. Such equipment can only be afforded by large manufacturers of windows. 

    Depressurization of a window can also be caused by poor window geometry, as a result of mistakes in the installation of window structures and/or low-quality window profiles. Before proceeding with the replacement of a depressurized window, it is necessary to evaluate the entire translucent structure. Perhaps an effective and durable solution to the problem will only be a complete replacement of the window with a new one.

    Eliminate the causes of condensation

    Fogging of windows is a common occurrence, mainly due to the fact that the windows are good, and there is no air exchange through cracks and cracks, as was the case with old windows. If there is high humidity in the room, then in the cold season, fogging of windows is inevitable.

    Excessive humidity is formed in the process of human life, and household activities like breathing, cooking, taking a shower or bath, washing and drying clothes, and a large number of indoor plants. Leaking faucets, a leaking roof of a house, and water in basements also contribute to an increase in humidity.

    In old apartment buildings, as a rule, ventilation systems don’t work (the shafts are clogged or the entrances are walled up by the apartment owners themselves). Excess moisture simply has nowhere to go, and it falls on the window (the coldest surface).

    The easiest way to combat fogging windows is regular ventilation. Ventilate twice a day for 15 minutes, and also open the windows in the kitchen during cooking. Don’t dry clothes in the kitchen, creating additional moisture, because the kitchen is already one of the most humid rooms. Open the doors to the bathroom after taking a bath or shower.

    It may be worth removing indoor plants from the windowsill. If possible, eliminate problems with the ventilation system in the house. Make sure that there are no leaks anywhere in the house.

    As mentioned above, low-quality products and installation errors can be the cause of fogging windows. Unfortunately, such windows will constantly pull investments for repairs and temporary improvement of their work.

    Once a year, treat seals with special products that allow you to maintain their elasticity. If the seal is dry and cracked, it should be replaced with a new one. You should also seal the mounting seam and insulate window slopes (internal and external).

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