Why Do You Wear What You Wear?

    Why do you wear what you wear?

    This is a question that I ask myself all the time, a check-in to ensure that what I am wearing makes me feel amazing, not the person who is staring at me. 

    A while back my boyfriend and I got invited to a party, so when it came time to find an outfit I was lost. Lost as to what to wear. I was torn between wearing something that would align with what others were wearing and something that I liked. It was a very casual party, perhaps something tight or youthful would have been the best choice. So I went shopping. After trying on outfit after outfit, I had found a handful that looked awesome but non of them felt like me. I looked into the mirror and felt half-satisfied. It wasn’t until I found a beautiful one shouldered bodysuit and put on my trousers that I felt amazing. I did not fit the dress code, nor would I have fit in, but that didn’t matter.

    So this is what I learned. You have to wear what makes you feel amazing. You have to look into the mirror and feel, what I would imagine a bride feels when she finds her wedding dress. No matter the “dress code” or whether or not you’ll stand out for being too dressy or too simple, we all have preferences as to what makes us feel beautiful and we should all follow those instincts. 

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