Going to the gym is hard, it really is not easy and not everyone of us works out, which is okay. Who would love the pain of having to burn calories,  tighten your abbs, doing squats, ALL THAT IS HARD.

    But when you get started and set your mind to working out for a month or 2 or 6 or a year,which ever you prefer, just know YOU CAN DO IT and the results will be amazing. No matter your body type you are beautiful queen and when working out becomes your lifestyle-2 times a week or 5 times, you will begin to feel amazing, even if your muscles do hurt a little, it shows you are doing something and with a little diet change, you will be at your best.

    • Julia M Julia M :

      Didi, I agree! You have to get into the habit of exercising. Starting is always hard. But as soon as you do you it for 2-3 weeks consequently, it becomes a very pleasant habit which makes you feel great.  

      9 months ago 
    • Didi S Didi S :

      Indeed Julia. I recently started after so many months of procrastinating and already I'm all in 

      9 months ago 
    • Edwin G Edwin G :

      So you could either say "I'm ready for a workout," using the noun, or "I'm ready to work out," using the verb.dinosaur game

      5 months ago 
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