3 Tops to Try This Fall

    Let’s admit it… I have a pants & tops problem.

    My jeans drawer is busting, and my shirts take up most of my closet space. The possibilities are literally endless when you pull out different tops and pants! While I absolutely love my dresses and skirts, I find I am often reminding myself to wear my favorites more frequently. They sit unloved as I pull on my favorite jeans and shirts time and time again. I may love my days in my dresses, but these past few years, I have often slipped back into the routine of wearing jeans and a shirt, whether it’s a tee or something nicer. In winter, the pants become almost a necessity when leggings and tights stop cutting out the cold.

    Here are three tops from Femme Luxe I’ve decided to try! 

    The first: a sheer polkadot blouse. Sheer tops seem to be the thing of the season. While on my last travels, I saw countless sheer blouses in every store I visited, and upon many eastern European women. 

    Over the years, sheer tops have come and gone from my closet. Sometimes I love them, and other times, I admit I don’t know what to do with them. They supposedly make layering easy, but it’s actually a garment style I’ve struggled with! For this entry, I paired them with rich red pants I thought would look amazing - and they do - but what to put underneath? My tanks were too long, and most of my crops are short sleeved, making for an awkward-looking layer. And my bralettes? Too short, and too much skin for my liking. I settled on this Black Milk crop, which is patterned too, but I thought it didn’t fight with the polkadots. 

    How would you wear this type of top? Next time, I think I’ll try it over a dress or with a high waisted skirt.

    Sheer Top: Femme Luxe
    Crop: Black Milk Clothing (similar)
    Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
    Boots: I <3 Ginger

    The second: an off-the-shoulder knit top. This was probably my favorite of the bunch! While I do wish it were a touch longer, it’s a surprisingly soft and cozy knit despite the belly-baring quality it has. I loved wearing it with my higher waisted jeans, and happened to have a belt the same “stone” type of tone. It’s a great shade of off-white, and I can even see layering it over sleeveless dresses depending on how the two cuts match. This one, I’m eager to experiment with. A bonus? It’s perfect with my current hair color!

    Top: Femme Luxe
    Bralette: Aerie (shop black bralettes)
    Earrings: Baublebar
    Belt: Lily Pulitzer (shop similar)
    Jeans: Aerie
    Boots: Hot Wind via VIPshop

    The third: a wide-necked bodysuit. This piece is both currently on sale for under ten dollars, AND can be worn three ways - slouched off one shoulder, stretched off both shoulders, or in a loose, almost cowl-neck. It’s basically a super comfortable, shortened version of this jumpsuit I blogged about in the spring, with the same wonderfully slinky fabric. The snaps at the crotch are quite cheap, but do the trick just fine, well-hidden beneath a skirt, or in my case, jeans. The bodysuit gets tighter after the mid-seam, so it will forever stay neatly tucked and wrinkle free!

    I thought it looked best with my two-tone jeans, one of two pairs I own, both some of the most high-waisted cut of pant I own. The pairing was super comfortable and ideal for a day or night out - especially with some cute, but not insanely high heels ;) 

    Bodysuit: Femme Luxe
    Earrings: Tourist shop in Vietnam
    Belt: MAIK NYC 
    Jeans: Levi’s, second hand via Poshmark
    Heels: Jenn Ardor

    This entry in collaboration with Femme Luxe.
    All photos shot and edited by me.

    Want to see more photos? Check them out here!

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