4 Style Tips You Should Consider

    Figuring out your personal style is a process that will continue for the rest of your life, but if you're starting to feel stuck, it might be time for a change. Looking good helps you feel even better, so it makes sense to expend a little effort on developing a style that makes you feel amazing. It's okay if you're not that interested in fashion or don't want to spend a lot of money. There's a lot you can do to change up your look without breaking the bank, and inspiration is everywhere if you pay attention. Whether you're a fashion maven hoping to refine your wardrobe or someone hoping to discover more about their style for the first time, read on for four great style tips you should consider.

    1. Find clothes that really fit.

    If you're particularly tall or petite, it can sometimes be a challenge to find clothes that fit well, but there are a lot of brands and beauty blogs that cater to specific body types. By looking up style tips for petite women, or whatever your body shape might be, you're likely to find lots of inspiration to help you set some new style goals. Lingerie can make a real difference in how your clothes look at fit too, so make sure you're wearing the right size bra and underwear. A poorly fitted bra can distort the look of anything you wear on top of it. When you're shopping, it might be tempting to grab the smallest size you can squeeze into, but clothes that actually fit are always flattering and make you look slimmer too. If you're having trouble with lingerie sizing, don't be afraid to ask for help.

    2. Swap clothes with pals.

    When your wardrobe is feeling stale, one way to switch it up without spending anything is to have a clothing swap with your friends. Bring all your favorite dresses, high heels, skirts, and accessories that you don't want or are willing to give up and trade with your friends. It's a great way to get plenty of "new" outfits and jewelry you love without having to pay retail prices for new stuff. Not only that, but you get to make memories and have a fun day with your friends too. Make sure you invite enough people to cover a wide range of sizes, so everyone is able to have fun and go home with something that they really love.

    3. Indulge in some sparkle.

    When it comes to jewelry, you'll definitely want to be sure about the quality before you buy. Focus on a store like Agape Diamonds with a visible online presence and an easy way to read Agape Diamond reviews, so you can be informed on real customer experiences before you make a purchase. Accessories can make or break an outfit, and there's no more noticeable accessory than a nice piece of jewelry. While it can be an investment, there are a lot of ways you can save money on incredible pieces. One option is to look at simulated diamonds like the ones Agape offers. They share all the beauty of natural diamonds, but are made through a lab process and often come at a lower cost. You don't have to empty your savings account to treat yourself to a little bling.

    4. Imitation isn't always flattering.

    While everyone has style inspiration, it's easy to fall into the trap of copying everything you see someone else wearing. It's not a bad idea to find people to mimic while you're finding your style, but the reality is that everyone's body has different quirks, and your style isn't the same as anyone else's. What looks good on someone you admire might not fit your body shape, and that's okay. The most important thing you can do is learn to love your body and find ways to dress yourself that accentuate all your best features. Sometimes, that means passing on buying the jacket your favorite celebrity bought but finding something in a similar color or style that works for you.

    Style is incredibly personal, so ultimately what you incorporate into your wardrobe has to be appealing to you. Fashion can get expensive fast, so if you want to upgrade your closet without running up your credit card, you can always swap with friends or bargain hunt at local thrift stores. No matter what path you choose to take on your style journey, make sure you stay true to yourself and focus on finding a look that helps you feel good from the time you wake up until you go to sleep at night. While impressing others and fitting in can seem important, nothing is more important than being comfortable and confident in whatever you put on.

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      Thank you for sharing these tips, Casey. And, indeed, finding your style is a very long (life-long I would even say) journey.  

      3 years ago 
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