A Dream Within A Dream

    You are not wrong, who deem

    That my days have been a dream;

    This is how I’ve been feeling everyday of this winter-hazed Spring. My days begin at 7 in the morning and end just after the stroke of midnight, including a full day at work. When I finally drag my tired bones home, editing and planning await me with open arms. 

    So whenever I get dressed up for photoshoots is when I feel mostly at ease. This particular look took shape after I found my long-lost diy-ed Edgar Allan Poe pin. I always celebrate his writings and the gloomy world they have created. A world in which I travel from time to time, listening to his whispers of dark romanticism, the rasping of the raven or the beating of the tell-tale heart.

    The corset I’m wearing is by the wonderful sisters of E&L by Lundqvist. My heart skipped a beat when I tried it on! Not because of the shortness of breath, but because of how beautiful it is! 

    Hope you guys are all well and live within the dream you all create.

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