All You Need To Know About Kimono Outfit

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All You Need To Know About Kimono Outfit

    Kimono is one of the hottest wardrobe staples of this upcoming fall. The key to nailing a kimono outfit is to embrace the floaty and feminine silhouette of the Japanese-inspired piece. Its relaxed shape makes it ideal for layering, which is useful when it comes to the unpredictable temperatures of autumn. 

    On an unseasonably warm day, the kimono can be teamed with a simple midi dress and boots. Or it can be layered over jumpers and jeans, with a snug scarf when the temperature drops and the wind picks up.

    In recent years kimono has become so popular in the fashion world that is seems set to replace the cardigan for fall, as the transitional outerwear piece. Over the past few seasons kimono has achieved mainstream appeal with fashion royalty such as Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian wearing the robe-like jacket for a variety of occasions. 

    The word 'kimono' translates to 'something to wear', which speaks to its versatility, as the flirty and elegant wrap that can be worn with almost anything.

    If you need any proof of how versatile a kimono can be, just check out the different ways they can be worn for fall. Each way is as stylish as the last and can be dressed up for the evening, with the simple addition of a pair of killer heels and chic clutch handbag. These are our favorite ways to wear the kimono in the beautiful fall season.

    Printed Kimono

    A kimono is a great way to add some print to a simpler ensemble. Floral prints are a wonderful choice, as they tend to be on trend all year round, and will mix well with other prints, such as stripes or animal prints. However, it is advised to wear no more than two prints together, to prevent an outfit from looking too fussy. For a laid-back look that will be effortlessly chic, choose a monochrome print, and team with black and white separates, such as a fitted pencil skirt or trousers, with a clean tank top. This kind of earrings add a glimpse of elegance to your outfit (pendientes originales). Flats or trainers will give the printed kimono a relaxed, casual vibe, whilst a pair of heels will take it from day to night.

    Tradition-Inspired Kimono

    The kimono has its origins way back in 8th century Japan, and traditional kimonos are still worn to this day for a number of ceremonies and occasions in the Far East. A kimono with a nod to its rich history can be a beautiful addition to a wardrobe, being a real statement piece, perfect for when you want to make a real impact with your ensemble. 

    A Japanese-inspired print will be vibrant and stylish, but keep the silhouette modern, to prevent the kimono outfit from looking too much like a costume.  A vibrantly printed kimono will make an unusual and unique cover-up for your little black dress, adding a punch of color and a whole heap of extra style. To be fashion-forward, this fall, get some inspiration from the past.

    Rich traditional prints are stunning for fall 

    Non-Traditional Kimono

    Those not quite ready to give up their cardigans this fall may feel more comfortable in something that provides the perfect blend of cozy knitwear and a stylish kimono. An oversized knitted cardigan without buttons and exaggerated kimono-style sleeves offers the perfect compromise for women who want comfort and style. 

    The loose silhouette keeps the relaxed chicness of the kimono, while the chunky knit is perfect for those colder fall days, snuggled on the sofa with a movie and hot chocolate. Wear with some girlfriend fit jeans and an oversized t-shirt for a casual fall outfit that is comfortable, cozy, and so stylish.

    Kimono meets Cardigan 

    Wrap Dress Kimono

    The 21st century has seen a shift towards sustainable fashion, with industry insiders stressing the importance of consumers choosing fewer pieces that work harder in their wardrobe. This has led to an increase in the number of shoppers buying clothing items that have multiple uses. 

    A wrap dress can also be part of the perfect kimono outfit, simple by wearing it open, layered over the likes of skinny jeans and t-shirt, or even over a shift dress with a simple silhouette.  Alternatively, a long, loose kimono style jacket can be worn as a wrap dress, which makes it perfect travel outfit

    For a girly, Bohemian vibe that works well for fall, wear a long kimono over a turtleneck, and belted at the waist with a leather belt. As surprising as it may seem the wrap dress and the kimono can be styled in similar ways, making them some of the most versatile wardrobe pieces there is.

    Long kimonos can also be worn as a wrap dress 

    There is no doubt that the kimono outfit is going to be a key fashion trend for fall. When it comes to ordering from the wholesale women's clothing catalogs for your boutique, the kimono definitely deserves to be considered. 

    The kimono will not just be perfect for fall, any leftover stock will be perfect for the spring wardrobe, and even for a summer holiday wardrobe, making an ideal beach cover-up.  The kimono is versatile fashion at its finest.

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