Comfy Errand Running Lookbook!

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Comfy Errand Running Lookbook!

    Hi loves!

    Today is cool because I get to announce that Nicole's Niches will now have Lookbooks!

    For a long time I was way too intimidated to blog about fashion, mainly because there are so many great fashion bloggers that have already taken that world by storm. However despite my intimidation I do know a thing or two about what's trendy and more importantly whats comfortable. 

    Running with the comfort of an outfit [that can still be über cute] let's start off this lookbook series with my favourite outfit to throw on to run errands!

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    1 | Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover • Thread & Supply • Sold Out 
    2 | Gap Logo Twill Baseball Hat • Gap • $7.99 
    3 | Vans Black and Off-White Checkerboard OG Classic Slip-On LX Sneakers • Vans • $75 
    4 | Etereo 55.75MM Aviator Sunglasses • Sold Out 
    5 | Mid Rise EverBlack True Skinny Jeans in Sculpt • Gap • $34.99 

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