Crochet Clothes | Where to Buy Cute Crochet Pieces and How to Style Them

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Crochet Clothes | Where to Buy Cute Crochet Pieces and How to Style Them

    Have you seen the Zara spring and summer collections? They’re full of funky prints and knits. I’m not surprised to see that interesting knits are still on-trend. Yes, we can attribute part of the return of these funky prints and knits to the fashion cycle, but when celebrities like Harry Styles wear these items, the people follow. I have to admit that as much as I love how the pieces look, I find it a little bit daunting to style such statement pieces. I’ve included some styling ideas for different crochet pieces. If you’re bold enough, I also included a DIY crochet tutorial, I want to try. 


    The easiest way to make a statement with a crochet piece is through an accessory like a hat or a bag. 

     Crochet bucket hats are the fusion of two popular trends for this summer. Even though the crochet hat featured below has a pattern and multiple colors, they are all cool-toned, so it’s pretty easy to style with other neutrals or cool-toned garments. These hats are perfect for a day at the beach, so I would definitely style this white swim cover-up, or really any white top and denim shorts. It’s a simple outfit, but the bucket hat is meant to be the statement piece anyways.


    ASOS for $14.50. Click here to view it!

    I found this really cute blue one on Etsy for $24.00. Click here to view it. If the one I picked out isn’t fully your taste there are thousands of more options available.

    Purses are another easy accessory you can use to stick to trends and spice up any outfit. 

    When I was scrolling through Pinterest for outfit inspiration, I saw the picture below and thought this is the perfect bag for a picnic in the park. You might think of a wicker basket for a picnic, but crochet bags are perfect too because they stretch so you can fit a ton of stuff. Because crochet bags are inexpensive, I think fun prints and colors are the way to go. I would style a bag like the one pictured here the same way as the girl, with a midi dress or anything linen. 


    Click here to buy a bag super similar to the one pictured above. 

    The Sak, although pricier than bags on Etsy, has my favorite designs. My favorite designs at the moment are the. 

    Limited Edition Senang 120 Hobo, $149.00 USD 

    Limited Edition Ashbury 120 Hobo, $149.00 USD

    The bag comes in a ton of patterns and some even come with beads, but the silhouette stays the same as the picture below:

    Sometimes you can find more affordable alternatives from Anthropologie. 

    For example, they’re currently selling a crochet bag for $58.00. Click here to buy it.

    Moving on to actual clothing items...

    This Simonett top was arguably one of the most viral pieces on Instagram last summer and continues to be a must-have item in the closets of many. 

    This top retails for $95.00, which is somewhat pricey considering the shirt isn’t that intricate. In fact, many creatives have figured out how to recreate this top for way less. If you’re up to the task, check out this Youtube tutorial.


    The most common way I have seen people style this just the top with straight-leg pants. I have also seen people use this top as a layering piece over white button-downs or turtlenecks, but I don't really like how this looks. I prefer the top on its own.  

    Another crochet piece I recommend adding to your closet is a halter top. Recently I have seen a resurgence in the popularity of halter top. Like the Simonett top, a crochet halter top is easy to style for a day look or even a night out. All you have to do is switch out denim bottoms for trousers or leather pants.

     I even think a halter top like the one above would look nice with a midi skirt. The silhouette of both items complement each other very well, and I think this outfit would be flattering on any body type. 

    Too lazy to try and plan an outfit? Dresses are the easiest outfits for summer. There’s really no need to coordinate pieces, just slip it on and go. I’m usually the type of person to go for solid clothing items, but I have been loving the funky prints and patterns I have seen on knit dresses. Zara was actually selling a dress very similar to the one below, but it doesn't seem to be in stock anymore. 

    The other crochet dresses for sale at the moment are either very simple or very expensive for a trendy piece, but I listed them below anyways.

    Beginning Boutique Cleo Crochet Orange Dress $89.99

    Zara Long Crochet Dress $49.90 

    Beginning Boutique White Sundays Knit Dress Multi $59.99 

    Farm and Rio Flower Crochet Mini Dress $295 

    Farm and Rio Dupe from Verge Girl $95.00 

    Marco Rambaldi Multicolor Crochet Long Dress $1375  

    Cult Gaia Trya Crochet Dress $498  

    Up until this point, I feel like I have only featured pieces that are better for the warmer months. Cardigans on the other hand are perfect year-round. You can pair a funky cardigan with a mini dress, use it as a layering piece on any outfit, or you can even get a co-ord cardigan set like the one below. 

    If you want to buy a two-piece set, check out Etsy for unique pieces. If you just want a cardigan, check out Zara. I hate to promote fast fashion, but they have some great pieces for affordable prices. If you want something of a little higher quality, Alice + Olivia has some great pieces. 


    If I listed images for outfit inspiration to accompany the pieces I selected, this post would be so long and not very entertaining. I recommend watching Tik Toks, there are so many great outfit ideas. There are even a ton of compilations on Youtube. Click here to see the different compilations available.

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