Fall Outfit Ideas!

    It’s that time of year! Fall has come around and we are so excited for all that Autumn brings. Here I share a few outfit ideas, right from my own closet! What are your favorite Fall trends? This post includes Amazon affiliate links.

    Fall Hats

    Neutral colors and brownish tones are all the craze in the Fall. Pair your favorite long-sleeve with jeans and a top hat/fedora and you’re ready to go for a quick and casual look. My hat was from Forever 21, but here is a similar look on Amazon: Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat.

    Denim & Headbands

    Denim is all in this Fall. This is my favorite oversized denim jacket that I purchased at Gap! It’s the Cropped Icon Denim Jacket, but I purchased it in a larger size to have the oversized style. It’s so comfortable and can be paired with anything. Here, I pair it with a fall headband that I bought on Amazon: 10 Pieces Knotted Headbands.

    Puffy Jackets

    The puffy jacket look is in. This jacket below is a moss/army green color that goes well with a pair of dark jeans and sneakers. It’s cozy and covers you from the cold if the temperature drops! This particular jacket is from Forever 21. On Amazon, I found a Puffer Jacket that can be found in a similar color as the image below: Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Jacket.

    Fluffy Fleece

    This shaggy/fluffy fleece jacket style is all the trend this year! I found mine below in Kohls, but they can be found everywhere nowadays and in various styles, even on Amazon: Women’s Faux Shearling Jacket. I paired it with a headband and my Mountain Warehouse boots. The best rainboots I’ve found so far!

    Color Block

    The two tone/color block look has become fairly popular. It adds that extra flair and playful style to a simple look! I found this sweater on Shein, but similar looks can be found on Amazon: Women’s Color Block Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Pullover.

    Fall has come around and we are so excited for all that Autumn brings. Here are Autumn quick and easy styles and clothing ideas for you!

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