How to Achieve the Classic Hollywood Style

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How to Achieve the Classic Hollywood Style

    We can say that beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as styles. However, when it comes to different eras in the world of fashion, we can spot that certain periods have remained classic with their unique style that has never really ceased to be relevant. 

    This absolutely applies to the era of Old Hollywood and beauties such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Their glamour, sophistication, and pronounced femininity have been analyzed by many fashion experts and copied by women around the world. 

    This classic style can be transferred into our era as well, and we bring you a few tips on how to get a look worthy of Hollywood’s Golden Age. 

    The divine locks

    Some of the most beautiful features of all actresses from the period of Old Hollywood was definitely their glorious hair and ravishing hairstyles. However, all of these hairdos required long and thick hair. So, if you want to achieve those sultry waves but you are not blessed with a lavish mane, you can simply use hair extensions. The best option is to go for silky seamless clip in hair extensions that are of high quality and incredibly soft so that they are easy to style. If you opt for the right extensions, you won’t have any problems blending them in with your natural hair, so everything will look perfect. 

    Once this step is done, you can go ahead and apply a heat protecting spray. Then divide your hair into approximately one inch thick sections and curl each with a larger curling iron. You don’t want tight and small curls but luxurious waves. Once you are done with curling every section, wait for the curls to cool down and then brush your hair. Finally, apply some texturizing spray and insert a statement bobby pin on one side of your head to get an even more gorgeous look. 

    Red lipstick is a must

    In order to look exquisite, any makeup look inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood must involve a shade of red lipstick. Although quite bold, red lips look incredibly alluring on every woman. Invest the effort to find the shade that works specifically for you, and then you can combine it with subtler eye shadows and blushes. 

    If you are creating a daytime look, go for a peachy blush and apply brown kajal pencil instead of eyeliner. If you are about to attend a party and want to look like a true Hollywood diva, opt for a pronounced eyeliner flick and a more deep-toned blush and bronzer. Additionally, don’t forget to add just a pop of gold-toned highlighter. 

    A black dress as the core of elegance

    The famous outfit Audrey Hepburn wore in the opening scenes in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has become the prototype of a sophisticated and romantic little black dress. Thus, a midi or long black dress, or even a silky black blouse, will always be the right choice when you want a look that is both minimalistic and luxurious. If you are going to a romantic dinner with your loved one, a Bardot dress that perfectly hugs your curves is the dress to go for. You can style it with a sparkly choker or a dainty necklace with a teardrop pendant. 

    If you are looking for a slightly more casual outfit, then you can take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall and go for off-white wide-leg ankle trousers that you can combine with a soft black turtleneck or a silk button-down. As for the jewelry, you can opt for a leather-strap silver watch that will look amazing when contrasted with statement pearl or diamond studs. Finally, don’t forget to layer up with a timeless beige trench coat. 

    A silk scarf and oversized sunglasses

    These two items don’t represent an obligatory part of the classic Hollywood style, but they certainly add a note of irresistible mystery to any look. You can add them even when you have a busy day doing errands in a basic jeans and T-shirt combo, and you didn’t have any time to do your makeup. Simply wear the sophisticated silk scarf as a bandana, tied around a low ponytail, or loosely tied around your neck. 

    Go for vibrant colors if you want to get a more of a youthful look and chose a pastel or black/white scarf if your goal is the ultimate elegance. When it comes to sunglasses, go big. Black or ivory frames will make you look like a Hollywood diva who is trying to go incognito while heading out for brunch.

    To sum up, we can say that the style of Old Hollywood is timelessly charming and flattering for any woman. With just a little effort, you can adjust it to the present time and create chic outfits both for casual, daytime looks and glorious, nighttime events. 

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