How To Wear a Silk Scarf - The Season Trend

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How To Wear a Silk Scarf - The Season Trend

    If we're talking about trends, we can't miss the one for this summer season! You may have noticed it on Instagram, Pinterest or at the latest fashion shows: the silk scarf.

    This trend is reminiscent of the fashion of 1950s/60s, when women wore these beautiful headscarves on their heads, and in Italy, in particular, it was also used to prevent women from messing up their hair while driving around on a vespa or in a convertible car!

    Like all fashions, this one is back! In fact, you might even find a nice silk scarf in your mum's or grandma's wardrobe (as I did!) and use it now. It's amazing how we can give new life to a vintage accessory.

    Also, I advise you to look in vintage shops and markets where you can find a nice silk scarf and save money.

    I personally love this trend because it is easy to recreate and can add a touch of personality and fantasy to your looks. There are many types of scarves that can be used, in all colors and sizes. For the pattern, you can choose a more classic one or a colorful one, depending on what you choose to go with. 

    I would recommend a very colorful pattern to wear with a mono-color dress or a white shirt, but it is better to wear a tone-on-tone scarf if the look is already very colorful.

    There are also many ways to wear and use these scarves, which is why I want to show you all the ones that are in fashion this season. It can be used on the head as a bandana, as a bag accessory, as a belt and in many other ways that I will show you.




    The bandana to put on your head is one of the most seen ways to wear it this summer! It can easily be combined with a long dress or with beachwear and an unbuttoned shirt and you will not go unnoticed! It was the Dior fashion show that launched this way of wearing a headscarf and I love it!

    I advise you to use a large enough silk scarf so that you have a nice effect when you tie it behind your head, or you can use it as an accessory for your hairstyle either in a ponytail or a chignon. In this video you will find a tutorial on how to wear your headscarf the way you like it most. 



    I also love this way of wearing the silk scarf, it's very easy to do and can be done in different ways to suit your body shape and what fits you best. This top is perfect with wide, high-waisted trousers, jeans or even a more classic cut trouser. You can also wear a nice blazer over it if you want a more elegant look.

    Watch this video to discover all the ways you can make your own top. 



    Now to the accessories. In fact, the silk scarf is also useful to embellish your favorite handbag. You can tie it around the handle or simply make a knot/tie in one of the handles. I recommend putting it on a simple bag that you want to give a colorful touch, or at least not on a clutch bag (too small). 

    This kind of accessory looks good on a shopping bag or a medium-sized bag. I also particularly like it on a straw bag, to give an extra touch to your summer bag.



    This is also an accessory that I like a lot. You can use your silk scarf as a belt, of course it must be big enough. You can wear it with jeans and a simple white T-shirt, passing it through the loops. Or you can tie it around your waist with a long skirt or over an oversized dress, like they did in the Rodebjer fashion show (photo).

    What I also like about this scarf trend is that it doesn't have to match the color or pattern of the dress. It can be totally different and still look good.



    This is the easiest way to wear a silk scarf but not the least beautiful. It's a reinterpretation of the classic beach sarong but with a more sophisticated effect. Now that summer is here, we can wear our bikinis and wear the silk scarf as a skirt for an aperitif and I love it! 

    I hope these tips will inspire you for your next looks!

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Martina, I absolutely loved this post <3 <3 I'm a big fan of scarves, and this totally made my day. This is one of my most favorite and a versatile accessory that can be wore all year around. Silk scarves definitely elevate a simple outfit, or any outfit I must say. Thank you for sharing this interesting post with great styling tips. I loved it.    

      2 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        Epsita! thanks!! I'm agree with you.. a silk scarf can elevate a simple outfit and I like to play with colors as well!   

        2 years ago 
    • Marcela I Marcela I :

      I love to wear silk scarfs on the bag or hair because for the curly girls we do not like frizz and let cotton thing mess our hair    

      2 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        Marcela I really love to put the silk scarfs on the bag too! Especially in the simple one! :)

        2 years ago 
    • Tiara M Tiara M :

      I wear silk scarves both as a shirt and in my hair! I can't wait to start wearing them with my bikinis

      2 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Love these ideas! So simple, but adds to the completeness of the look!  

      2 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        Yes, Julia! I really love this trend for the same reason! :)

        2 years ago 
    • M T M T :

      Wow Martina!! I never thought there were so many different fun ways to wear silk scarfs. I like to tie one on my bag whenever I go to the beach. I'm definitely inspired and can't wait to try these trends. It's always summer no matter where I live haha! Thank you for writing this   xx

      2 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        Thanks, Maria! I'm very happy to hear this and I love to put a silk scarf on my bag as well! Is one of my favourite accessories!

        2 years ago 
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