I got it from a charity shop

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I got it from a charity shop

    'I got it from a charity shop!' - a sentence I say a few times a week when people comment on my outfits. Not so long ago I was against buying in charity shops (thrift, or second-hand shops in some countries) and wouldn't even enter one. All my clothes had to be brand new, not expensive; just new and I mainly shopped with Boohoo or Everything 5 Pounds, sometimes Primark for their lazy leggings.

    Skirt from a charity shop for £2 (Originally Primark)

    But around a year ago that changed. Carl, my other half, took me to a few, just to see if they had any cushions for our garden chairs. Well, that was it. I fell in love with charity shops instantly and now during my spare time I like to walk to our local thrift shops to see if I can find something nice or useful. 99% of the time I leave with at least one bag of clothes or cosmetics. Once, I found a Calvin Klein dress for £1 at the Cancer Research. I don't care if the dress for real or fake, it's a gorgeous dress. Judge for yourself below.

    Although my main niche for www.karinakeepsescaping.com is travel, it was really nice when I was approached by Irem from Fashion Potluck to see if I would like to contribute to this amazing women community. I love fashion, I love to dress for the occasion and when I shop within charity shops, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. You never know what hidden treasures you might find. Plus, all your money goes to a good cause, so not only are you treating yourself, but you're also doing a good thing! And what's more, it's good for the environment too. Did you know that 20,000 litres of water are needed to produce just 1kg of cotton?

    Beautiful blouse from Klass Collection, £1 in a charity shop

    One of my favourite dresses, Pretty Little Things, found brand new in a charity shop for £4.50, new £45

    I don't know ANY woman who doesn't love fashion. Who doesn't love to dress nicely and feel gorgeous? For this reason, I decided that my contributions here will be mainly fashion-focused, charity hauls and outfit pictures. I hope you enjoy it!


    Karina x

    • I. M I. M :

      Welcome to Fashion Potluck Karina! I love this post and your looks!   

      4 years ago 
      • Karina E Karina E :

        Thank you so much!! :) They are all from the charity shops... reminding me I have to submit another article, yay! :) 

        4 years ago 
    • Katherine M Katherine M :

      You can find some very wonderful things in thrift stores, without spending a lot of money! Your outfits are absolutely amazing. This makes me want to visit a thrift store when I'm able to again to see what I can find in the US. :) 

      4 years ago 
    • Karina E Karina E :

      Yes, indeed! I did spring clean of my wardrobe and have some outfits I want to show you girls again, but I am not going to lie, with the whole lockdown and what is going on, I struggled with the motivation... Awww, you have to share then if you found anything good! 

      I miss my Saturday walks and wanders around the charity shops, I hope soon will be over! 

      4 years ago 
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