Jewellery Capsule Collection GIVEAWAY

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Jewellery Capsule Collection GIVEAWAY


    La Hera was founded by a community of artists at and named after the beautiful and powerful greek goddess Hera.

    Hera was the Queen of the Olympian gods. In the story of the Quest of the Golden Fleece, Hera was a gracious protector of the heroes. She was Pure and stood for Truth and Honour.

    My carefully curated capsule wardrobe consists of well-made, monochrome clothing. Functional, timeless pieces edited down to items that fit my lifestyle and compliment my features.

    To that, I add mindfully chosen pieces of jewellery that elevate my basics and ass a touch of luxury to my everyday life.

    I fell in love with La Hera

    Each La Hera piece is inspired by beautiful stories from ancient mythology and designed by a creative team of jewellery makers that only use silver and gold.

    Investing in jewellery made from Pure Silver 925, 14k and 18K Gold, means that you get pieces that will last a lifetime. It also means that you won’t have to worry about sleeping in them, forgetting to take them off when you shower or working out. My busy schedule is unforgiving. I have no time to waste overthinking such things; I’d rather spend that time creating valuable content for myself and my clients. This is how I fell in love with La Hera…


    The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind.

    Regardless of external circumstances, peace can always be within us – and always available.

    The La Hera dove advocates peace, love, and kindness.

    It advocates purity in beauty

    The dove is an animal who cares for those around her, a protector of community just as the goddess Hera.

    The olive branch in the beak of the dove represents a peaceful new life.

    It is a sign of new life.


    Each and every La Hera jewelry supplier is paid fairly based on local economics.

    La Hera has chosen to only work with suppliers that treat and pay their employees with respect and at the local premium standards.

    This is how we can wear our jewellery with pride and promote equality and fair trade.

    Moreover, La Hera partnered up with a global non-profit organization called world vision. A generous 10% of all Net profits go to supporting less fortunate children in 3rd world countries.


    All jewelry is designed by artists in Greece, Netherlands, and London.

    Every month La Hera launches new collections with local designers who aim to design and create timeless art pieces.

    I wear my jewellery every day. In fact, I rarely take them off, just like my piercings. It makes my thoughtful fashion consumption effortless. Whether I’m wearing cosy-at-home staples or dressing up in my favourite silk dress, jewelry is essential.

    I choose genderless pieces, like chains and pendants of classic tailoring with modernised elements.


    I felt the need to share my love for gold with you.

    This is another way for me to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting the Chelfdom.

    Athena’s Necklace can become yours.

    Athena’s Necklace is named after the Goddess Athena. Known for her ferocity in battle and always believing in fighting for justice and righteousness, she only took part in wars that were fought in self-defense. She was the divine personification of reasoning, wisdom, and knowledge. The Chain feels like silk to the touch.  


    I picked Athena’s chain for you, as I truly feel that it’s such a versatile piece that goes with everything and compliments all styles and complexions. I wanted to make sure I give you a piece that you can enjoy and wear forever.

    There will be three winners. The first prize is the gorgeous, gold Athena’s Chain and the second and third prize is two La Hera gift cards so that you can pick the pieces you like.

    How To Enter the Giveaway:

    The giveaway is open worldwide. Three (3) winners will be randomly chosen on the 10th of February, and will be contacted on Instagram.


    I only endorse products I genuinely love. I was gifted these pieces which I carefully chose myself. The Chelfdom is and will always be a place of unapologetic free will.

    Until we meet again,




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      Obsessed with the Athena necklace! You should definitely check out Argento Vivo for more classic pieces like the ones you featured in today's post!

      3 years ago 
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