Mistakes in modern fashion trends that seem like a win-win

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Mistakes in modern fashion trends that seem like a win-win

    It seems that the modern fashion for the casual style allows you to combine everything with everything and not look losing and tasteless. Nevertheless, even buying super-hot items within this style, you can make fashion mistakes. The material will tell about them.

    1. Sports suits

    Modern trends have made sportswear the prerogative of not only athletes. Many girls buy themselves such a suit for walking around the city and informal meetings. It would seem that a trend kit bought in a store cannot be wrong and losing. However, manufacturers can fail. In sports-type sets for ladies, pants with cuffs at the bottom are usually wide enough. A short sweatshirt will suit. But a long oversized sweatshirt will not suit them at all. In this combination, the lady will look ridiculous. The golden rule: we choose a long oversized sweatshirt for narrow pants, and a short and almost in size for harem pants.

    2. Jeans and trousers with cuffs

    It seems to many that it is enough to buy any actual fashionable trousers, tuck them up and look trendy. In fact, not all pants should be tucked in. Trousers and jeans that are too tight or too wide, as well as tight trousers with arrows with cuffs, often look ridiculous. But banana pants (which taper towards the bottom) look just great and trendy.

    3. Socks

    Fashionist of today have in their wardrobe dozens of pairs of socks of various colors and with a variety of prints (socks in a cactus, in a cat, in a slice of pizza, in a hemp leaf, with a crock - all this is the squeak of fashion 2020-202 ...). Since trousers with cuffs are very fashionable nowadays, fashionistas choose a variety of bright socks to express their individuality, look fashionable and playful. But here you need to be careful, because trousers, socks and shoes should be more or less combined with each other and not turn into an allusion to the cockatoo parrot. It is unlikely that gray boiled jeans, orange socks and pink sneakers will look beautiful together. Well, the safest option for trousers with cuffs will be socks that are almost completely hidden in shoes,

    4. Caps

    To the great joy of all grandmothers who have granddaughters, hats are back in fashion. Moreover: hats made of thin jersey are now worn even in summer. Hats are trendy now, which tightly fit the head, but at the same time, some women of fashion do not tuck them on the back of the head, but leave them sticking out with a cape up. This is where controversial issues arise. First, it looks cute if you are between 11 and 21 years old. Secondly, if you are older, then it will be very difficult for residents of post-Soviet countries not to remember the famous fashion of the Gopniks of the nineties and zero in this case. In other words, if you are over 20 years old and put on a cap with a cape in combination with full makeup or tights with a heel, then it will look quite tasteless and even ridiculous.

    5. Backpacks

    Backpacks for the city are the number one trend today. But not every backpack fits absolutely every outfit. If you are taking a large backpacking backpack, then the pumps will look very strange in combination with it. If you take a small leather backpack with a playful tassel and rhinestones, then in combination with a tracksuit it will evoke an irresistible association with rural glamor.

    6. Dress with sneakers

    Even if it seems to you that you should wear a dress with sneakers - and you are already a fashionable Frenchwoman, you should moderate your ardor a little and figure out the compatibility of things. Modern trending sneakers come in several types. If you narrow it down to the maximum: there are sneakers for running, sports, countryside and gym, and there are casual ones for the city. So it is better to leave the former for their direct purpose, but the latter - for combination with the dress.

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