The Reunion Series Qipao Unveiled at Hollywood Celebrity's Birthday Party!

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The Reunion Series Qipao Unveiled at Hollywood Celebrity's Birthday Party!

    In addition to the three prestigious annual film festival brands, Maeya Films, and Maeya Musicals, Maeya Culture Exchange Group also has different branches in many fields, covering all aspects of cultural exchanges. Based on the love and unremitting pursuit of beauty and fashion, Maeya Group has specially established the branch brand of Maeya Fashion, which is committed to creating characteristic products that combine the beauty of ethnic cultures and promoting them to the world.


    Over the years, Maeya Fashion has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with Ms. Lucy Zheng, a famous Chinese designer, and has always been grateful for Ms. Zheng's recognition and support for Maeya Fashion. Ms. Zheng's fashion works have appeared in the beauty pageant and fashion show activities under a series of Maeya Group, such as Miss Maeya, Maeya Angel, and so on. Ms. Zheng graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion and had more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry in China. Based on her high standard of professional performance, she was invited to the United States to shine as a designer in the international fashion field. Maeya Fashion has the honor to attend the birthday party of the son of Hollywood celebrities, for his birthday of the year of the Tiger, which is attended by Hollywood stars and successful people. By virtue of this rare first-class social platform, Maeya Fashion can further promote and publicize a series of beauty pageant brands such as Miss Maeya and Mr. Maeya planned in 2022 by displaying Maeya fashion products and strive to further expand its brand influence in the New Year. Being able to obtain the recognition and acceptance of such a high social circle also reflects the international market's welcome to Maeya Fashion.


    The birthday party featured two new qipao series from Ms. Zheng, one is Auspicious, and the other is Reunion. The Auspicious qipao series incorporates a new creative concept in the form of traditional qipao. The embroidered diamonds pattern on the shoulder is inspired by the ancient Ruyi moire pattern, which is not only added a lively sense of design but also gorgeous and elegant. The hollow-out design of the neckline has changed the past form of qipao, which is too serious and regular, so that the design of qipao can also bring a new fashion sense of the new era, combining the noble and delicate of traditional clothes with the smart and sexy of modern clothes organically. The buttons of each qipao are customized by hand. The pattern and meaning of the buttons are based on the technical heritage and cultural heritage of Chinese clothing. Phoenix spreading wings, auspicious pipa, a gourd of fortune, and wealth in flowers -- just from the names of the buttons, we can see the designer's good wishes for the clothing are deeply imprinted in every detail of the qipao design.


    The design inspiration of the Reunion qipao series comes from the red lanterns hanging everywhere during the Chinese New Year. Frontal design changes the style that traditional oblique lapel multi-buttons, which is more fashionable and generous by the gentle and smooth diamond sticking curve with the round embroidery pattern. Four top models wore a series of qipao in black, white, red, yellow, and blue. White qipao with sea-blue embroidery is taken from the beauty of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, which is the cultural brand of Chinese culture to the world. Red qipao with gold embroidery was inspired by the traditional Chinese New Year red lanterns and yellow border. It is the representative color of the Chinese New Year. Red qipao with black embroidery was inspired by the couplets solemn that in spring every family stick at their entrance, bright background with a steady embroidery, reflecting the wishes for a happy new year. Black qipao with red trim was inspired by the gorgeous fireworks that bloom on Chinese New Year's Eve, and the night sky is full of enthusiastic Chinese red. Four models wearing the Reunion series next to each other, represent the colorful and meaningful traditional culture, and also represent the new chapter of Maeya fashion towards the international market in 2022!


    With the revival of ethnic beauty, the national clothes culture such as qipao, hanfu, and other ethnic clothing have been paid more and more attention by the public in the new era. Many people who love Chinese culture and qipao are struggling to find a way to buy it, especially when the online order size is mostly not suitable enough. The two qipao design series, Auspicious, and Reunion, which are displayed at the birthday party, belong to high-end customization by designers. Each qipao will be tailored according to customer requirements. The qipao fabric is made of heavy silk and sewn by hand, which truly demonstrates the exquisite conception and first-class quality of the designer in every detail. At the same time, based on the flexibility of the customized mode, the color, pattern, and length of qipao can be adjusted and improved according to customer requirements, which is the best choice to give full play to personal creativity and wear personal style!


    As the promotion of the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2022, Maeya Fashion hopes to introduce the two qipao series, Auspicious and Reunion to the international market through different activities. It can also introduce the traditional beauty of this new era to more distant friends through online media platforms. In the meanwhile, Maeya Fashion also welcomes all kinds of domestic fashion products, clothing, hat products, and accessories products companies to come to discuss cooperation and promotion business. A photo is better than a thousand words, let international fashion models put on your products to walk in the film capital of the world and shine your design on the most influencing stages!

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