This is the latest Scandi Edit. Spotlighting the new names you need to know, and the most coveted labels that worth a spot in your timeless capsule wardrobe.

    The Chelfdom supports ethical, sustainable fashion. Mindful purchases and investment pieces that fulfil an essential, practical purpose instead of impulsive buys and a closet full of nothing to wear.

    This Scandi Edit episode is here to encapsulate the distinctive style of the Nordic fashion pack and to highlight the most noteworthy brands hailing from Scandinavia and conquering the fashion world as we speak. Dive in.

                                               SAMSØE SAMSØE

    Founded in 1993, Samsoe Samsoe clothing draws upon its Scandinavian heritage to deliver elegantly cut, minimal designs that provide a precise balance of relaxed, clean tailoring and graceful, feminine shapes. Muted colours blend with jewel tones and pastels for a sophisticated palette of block colours and prints, while Samsoe Samsoe’s focus on high-quality fabrics such as silk, suede, cashmere and Japanese shirt materials gives each design its timeless, enduring quality.

    I invested in a luscious grey knit jumper from SAMSØE SAMSØE in a voluminous silhouette a few years ago.


    Contrasting references, textures, prints and riotous colour are characteristic of Danish fashion house Baum Und Pferdgarten, the creative manifest of designers Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave. Baum Und Pferdgarten is a playful mixture of both designers’ names; an approach mirrored in the brand’s unexpected style combinations. Loved by Scandi fashion influencers, Baum und Pferdgarten is elegant, feminine, quirky and expressive.


    Danish brand Ganni is deeply rooted in Copenhagen and the easy-going, no-fuss nature of the city. Ganni creates effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that feel Scandinavian but aren’t limited to traditional notions of minimalism. Instead, it celebrates individuality with quirky, wearable pieces that complement high fashion trends without being led by them. From sporty casualwear to chic tailoring and floaty feminine separates, Ganni’s designs have legions of fans among fashion’s elite.


    Cras is a Copenhagen-based label bringing a hyper-glamorous, upbeat aesthetic to responsibly made pieces. Cras takes its name from the Latin ‘tomorrow’ and is rooted in a desire to rethink our fashion and lifestyle consumption to nurture a better future


    Selected Femme creates effortlessly feminine collections with a distinctly minimal aesthetic. Classic yet forward-thinking silhouettes are elevated with surprising details and a continued focus on premium fabrics. Carefully crafted soft silk shirts, easy-wear layering knits and supple leather jackets are underpinned by go-to denim and paired-back essentials. Each collection is imbued with instant cool-girl credentials. 

    Invest in pieces that you can effortlessly mix and match, that will last for years and shop mindfully.

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