Gathering myself from all the traveling while bracing for two more trips coming up, I find myself in the middle of cold weather to colder. My secret to surviving? Layering!

    Transforming from a summer butterfly to a winter sloth can be a tough cookie! There are cold days and there are even colder ones (hello tons of rain). I feel quite challenged as to what to wear. To end this transitional dilemma, I’m taking a bit of my favorite things for the cold months: booties, dresses, leather jackets and knitted shawls.

    The result: a casual outfit in which I feel like home.

    I’ve been mostly struggling with fatigue after this busy month, so as it happens, my blog suffers. I’ve been trying to keep up with my usual two posts per week but cannot. The things is though, that if I’m not posting here, it’s because I’m also coming up with a new video per week.

    Words Minimum :