Unknown Pleasures

    Between manically trying to figure out how to manage my time, I find myself wishing to pack my suitcase and roam to unknown lands. It’s been a long time since I’ve last traveled and I miss it dearly. That’s why this month, my life will be lived in a suitcase.

    Starting Wednesday, I’ll head to Barcelona. It’s the first time I’m visiting this lovely city and the excitement has reached sky high limits. I’m not familiar with the city at all, so your warm advices are more than welcome. 

    After Barcelona, we’re heading over to Prague at the end of the month. What for? Well, apart from it being one of the most beautiful cities, there’s a very special event going on that I would not miss if it meant my life! (Kudos for the drama) The very first band I ever listened to when I was old enough to develop a taste in music, is having its last tour. I’m talking here about HIM. I first saw them perform live back in the 2000s, when I was practically half a person. My dad was dragged along to the concert against his will. I can still remember that night as it was yesterday. I will definitely be vlogging about that trip, so surely you’ll be able to see all about it on Youtube.

    Now, back to today when Autumn is my ultimate outfit playground. 

    This outfit is practically what I look like these days: hats, skirts and hoodies! I was listening to Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon that morning, thus explaining me channeling Boy George. I love combining grandma chic items, such as those shoes, with hoodies and stuff youngsters wear these days. (Trying to sound like a proper grandma here.) 

    For more pictures, visit: Looktheotherway.co

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