Why Espadrilles Are My New Summer

    When it comes to summer shoes there is nothing better than that perfect pair of heels. There is something about having even just a little heel that makes me stand a little taller, a little more confident. And for this very reason, when it comes to summer shoes, I will almost always reach for something that gives me that little lift. For years I have loved the Villarosa heel from Aldo to the point where I  have several colours because I wear them that much. The only downside to these was that I didn’t always have a pedicure… So I often found myself putting away my cute sandals until I managed to get myself to the nail salon. Finding the  Carina Jute Espadrille Wedges from Castañer has easily been one of my  favourite discoveries. Classic, versatile, and unique. I am always very weary of buying shoes online because my shoe size is atrociously inconsistent. But how I could I say no to these beautiful shoes?? I am happy to say that through matchesfashion.com the shopping went seamlessly.

    continued to produce beautiful and timeless pieces that I quite honestly can’t get enough of. As a brand, Castañer has taken a long-time staple footwear piece and turned it into a stylish and sophisticated accessory that continues to merge design and fashion. It  was in the 1970’s that Castañer and Yves Saint Laurent changed the espadrille game and developed the first espadrille wedge. Despite years of development and global reach, Castañer has stayed true to their original essence. Natural materials, craftsmanship, and tradition are all values that have remained, meaning that the way in which each espadrille is crafted has hardly changed over the past 90 years! Why am I telling you all these random facts you may ask? Well, this is what sold me on the shoes. I truly respect the value of a company and the more I learned about Castañer the more I was compelled to grab myself a pair.

    The Carina Jute Espadrille Wedges (80mm) are simply everything I ever wanted in a shoe. Something that is really important to me when shopping is ensuring that whatever I buy goes with as many things in my wardrobe as possible. There is something about the natural and rough fabrics mixed with the design that makes these shoes both casual and dressy. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt or pair with a beautiful dress and either way they look absolutely stunning. Another important feature of these shoes is that they are extremely comfortable. The Carina wedge comes in three different heights 30mm, 60mm and 80mm. If a heel is uncomfortable then to me it defeats the purpose! I always need my heels to be wearable and that means comfort is a must. Being able to pick the height that works best means the Carina wedges one hundred percent tick that box off. My last little blurb about these gorgeous heel is the fact that they are unique. Coming in different colours and heights, there is a pair for just about everybody. I have always been one to go against the grain, I love anything that is different. And these are anything but average. Simply the perfect summer shoe.

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