Winds of a dying dream

    What do you do when the wind is blowing so hard you can barely stand? Well, you go out and take pictures, because such opportunities do not arise that often.

    There I was, already excited about the first little trip of the year coming up, when I was informed about an angry wind coming this way. Images of Victorian tormented heroines came flooding in, and I knew it was meant to be! I had to answer the calls of my creativity. And so I went out to find some fabrics and lace in order to put together what you see in these pictures. 

    I knew I wanted something extremely light, in order for it to blow like crazy in the wind. Thus, black veil was the obvious choice.  I put together some medieval detachable sleeves and a hood to complete the look. The rest of the outfit is mostly made up of second hand finds and the amazing True Corset mesh cincher

    Hope you guys like the result as much as I do! Looking at these photos I am reminded how lucky I am to have someone who tolerates me enough to go through freezing weathers, in order to bring to life my dreamy images. This is me thanking you! 

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