Working from home - Charity Shops Outfit Ideas

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Working from home - Charity Shops Outfit Ideas

    I never imagined that for almost three weeks now, I'd be forced to work from home. I never imagined that the freedom of walking around and going to places will be taken from us just like this. We all have to adjust to this new lifestyle, that the living room is our new office and the backyard is a new park. Restaurants and takeaways are swapped for actual home cooking and I'm pretty sure, that when this is all over, we'll gonna need a new liver.

    It has been the longest three weeks of my life and honestly, I cleaned the house, tried gardening, baked lots and I'm currently learning a new skill too. I also sorted my walking wardrobe and all my clothes. Surprisingly though I didn't actually get rid of anything!!!

    I miss going to charity shops, I miss my calm Saturdays mornings with a takeaway coffee and strolling around thrift shops while looking for some hidden gems. But, I can't cry over spilt milk, there's nothing I can do, just take this opportunity to be creative!

    Today I decided that I will do little fashion show and share with you some of my 'Work from home charity outfits'. Just because we're working from home, doesn't mean we gotta stay in our PJ's all day, right?

    So, after three weeks I finally applied some makeup and did a little photo shoot showcasing some of my outfits ideas!


    This first outfit is my favourite, simply because it's super comfy, yet chic! Everything except the little bow is from different charity shops. The trousers are originally from Quiz, top from Primark and the red cardigan M&S. It goes together really well and is super soft for that comfy day on the sofa! I'm not sure how much I paid for the trousers, but the top and cardigan were just a pound each.

    If you like a little bit of fanciness (I do, just not every day :)) maybe this oversized blouse/dress would be perfect for you. Because it's still quite cold, it matches perfectly with leggings and thick socks! I got mine from the Lighthouse charity shop, originally from New Look, I paid about £5. This is a great outfit for those important conference calls! Can't go wrong with this choice, can you?

    Jeans and blouse. My favourite outfit for office dress-down days. I personally don't like wearing jeans at home because I don't find them very comfy, but I am sure someone will find it inspiring. Both these pieces are from charity shops, the jeans are F&F, costing just £2 and the H&M blouse cost me £1. Even came with the tag! What a bargain!

    Comfy jumper and funky trousers. What else is there to say? The total cost of the outfit was £2.

    Okay, hands up, who here just throw on some lazy clothes pretty much all the time now? The best combination for working at the desk, on the sofa, bean bag, garden chair or even on the floor, if you like...

    I can't wait for when this is all over knowing that everybody is spring cleaning so the charity shops, once they reopen, be full of bargains and new outfit combinations!

    I would also love to know, what are your outfits while working from home! Share your pics, or comment below! :)


    Until next time, ladies!

    Karina x 


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