All you need is Maybeline Master Blush Palette

Product details: Maybelline Master Blush Palette

All you need is Maybeline Master Blush Palette

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    Why do you need to have this?

    It is a nicely selected palette of colors that fits every look. Perfect to apply separate or even to create a beautiful blend.

    Vibrant and much pigmented colors, and highlight for dimensional cheeks.

    A slight touch of glitter for diamond glow finish.

    My experience

    What I really love about makeup as a whole is when it is easy to apply. That is why I am always looking for the makeup that saves me time and effort, as I really don’t like spending hours blending the colors with my makeup brush. These colors are very easy to apply and blend quite well without much effort. Their consistency is also very delicate for a smooth and long-lasting blend finish. The palette consists of three blush colors and a highlighter. The blush colors are beautifully combined so that you can apply them either separately or mixed to create a nice blend depending on the look you are going for. You can choose from sweet peachy, lovely rose and vibrant raspberry shades. As a nice finish you have a shimmering highlight for a diamond glow.

    Maybelline Master Blush Palette

    It is quite easy to find this product in the nearest drugstore. I got mine from Ulta Beauty when I was traveling in the States for about 20$, but in the Netherlands you can easily find it either in Etos or in Kruidvat. The average price you can get it for is about 15.99€. 

    Product comparison between popular drugstore brands

    I got curious and decided to look at all general drugstore brands in the Netherlands to see if I can find a similar product to the Master Blush Palette by Maybelline and this is what I’ve found.


    Etos usually has all their blushes in separate packages. The only palette kit that I managed to find was the Shaping and Highlighting Palette consisting of a highlighter, a contouring bronze powder and a blush.


    ~ €3.75.


    Essence has a blush palette that looks promising. Similar to the Maybelline Master Blush Palette, the Essence blush kit has a highlighter and two different blush colors- one lighter and one more vibrant. The texture seems more powdery though so I am not sure if the application features will live up to my expectations. 




    L’Oreal has a blush palette kit that is kind of similar to the Maybelline Master Blush Palette. However, it is missing the highlighter. It has 4 or 5 different blush colors depending on the type of the palette. 


    ~ €12.99.

    Max Factor 

    Max Factor also has a blush palette although most of their blushes are in separate packaging. The palette they have though is completely different from the Maybelline one in both texture and application. The blushes are the mosaic type and more shimmery than the ones by Maybelline Master Palette.


    ~ €12.99.

    I Heart Revolution

    The blushes and highlighters by I heart Revolution are also very different from the Maybelline Master Palette. They are usually in separate packaging and much more puff and shimmery.




    Overall, I am very happy with my Maybelline Master Blush Palette and I wouldn’t want to change it for any other drugstore brand. So far I haven’t found the perfect substitute for this palette by any other drugstore makeup brand. If you have, feel free to share it with me.   

    P.S.  While doing my research online I came across this nice and funny Maybelline Master Blush Palette Review on Youtube and I thought it’s worth sharing it with you. Check out what this makeup lover has to say about the Maybelline Blush Palette.



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