Coco & Eve Coconut & Fig Hair Masque: Before & After

Product details: Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask + Tangle Tamer Gift

Coco & Eve Coconut & Fig Hair Masque: Before & After

    Coco & Eve- Like a virgin!

    If you are active on Instagram you must have come across this amazing hair care product! Recently it has become viral with the review/tutorial-like commercials and it seems like everyone absolutely loves it. As you can see from the name on the package- it’s completely natural super nourishing coconut and fig hair masque. It is created especially for restoring dry ends and treating split ends and frizz. With its deeply hydrating and conditioning features, it improves your hair texture and brings out a diamond glossy natural shine.

    How did I get familiar with this product?

    For quite some time people online has been completely obsessing over this hair care product and it got me thinking: what makes this product so special? Yes, it is completely natural, Cruelty-free and 100% vegan. However, there are so many other amazing natural beauty products, especially with the rising veganism trend around the world. And, honestly, you can never know how amazing this product is until you try it out yourself and see if it works for you or not. Additionally, I think it is also worth mentioning that it is Sulphate-free, Phthalate-free, Paraben-free, Color-safe, Gluten-free, and PETA Approved! If this doesn’t scream "Beautiful Healthy Hair!", then I don’t know what does.   

    Commercials say it takes your hair to Paradise, your very own hair spa! Additionally, it comes with its own Tangle Tamer! How cool is that?!

    To get to the point, all this got me so curious that I had to have it! So I bought it! And there was no other way to go from there but to love it at first try! 

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    But what is the secret behind this heavenly hair care product? 

    It is a well-balanced combination of natural products (Balinese virgin coconuts, figs, and shea butter, linseeds, and, of course, pure argan oil) with rejuvenating and nourishing properties that when put together, completely transform your hair. 

    My experience

    For me, taking good care of my hair and keeping it as naturally healthy as possible is my main concern. That’s why I am always looking for natural products, and even creating my very own hair treatment masks from natural products and oils. As you can see, it is quite long and thick, sleek, and has its natural diamond-like glow. Would you say that I have been dyeing it for more than 7 years now?! If it wasn’t for my non-natural reddish burgundy color, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t. I fancy many all-natural hair care brands (Petal Fresh, Dr. Organic, Beauty Kitchen, etc.), but Coco & Eve is my absolute favorite! My hair is loving it! The texture is very soft and puffy, and the aroma…omg..it is amazing - fresh and coconutty. If you’ve ever had a coconut pudding, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.   



    As I mentioned earlier, I have been using only all-natural products for my hair for about a year now, so it was in a pretty good and healthy condition. However, ever since I bleached my hair ends more than a year ago for my ombre look, my ends became dry and stiff. 


    The moment the mask touched my hair was when all the magic happened. In just 10 mins the ends of my hair were completely transformed! They became so soft and sleek as I’ve never ever seen them before. It was much easier to comb my hair and it got back their natural softness and healthy glow as the rest of my hair. AMAZING! 


    But where can you find it?

    And how much does it cost? 

    Single- A single package of Coco & Eve Like a virgin mask and a free Tangle Tamer -> 39.90€;

    Besties Kit- Two packages of Coco & Eve Like a virgin mask and two free Tangle Tamers -> 59.90€.

    If what I've shared with you so far hasn't made you want to buy Coco & Eve, then this video review definitely will! 

    Table: Coco&Eve Hair Mask product features with price

    Where to buy it?
    How to use it?
    Coco & Eve Like a Virgin hair mask
    1 package= 39.90€;
    2x package= 59.90€

    Coco & Eve Webpage


    Leave it for 10 min and wash away

    1 package= 49.90€


    I don’t think there’s any doubt but to sum up- I am absolutely in Love with Coco & Eve hair mask! Since I used it for the very first time, it has become my hair’s best friend. I totally recommend it!

    And as Coco & Eve like to say- "Your hair is the Crown you wear every day", so it needs to be healthy and happy!

    P.S. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experience after using Coco & Eve!



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