Ditch the Cat Eye - Straight Liner Takes Over for Asian Eye Makeup

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Ditch the Cat Eye - Straight Liner Takes Over for Asian Eye Makeup

    One of the most popular makeup trends that dominates the Asian beauty community is the cat eyeliner look. This trend has been a go-to for many, including TikTok creator Julia Huynh.

    However, after experimenting with new makeup that involved drawing her eyeliner straight instead of with a winged tip, Julia realised that the straight eyeliner look might be more suited for Asian eyes.

    This realisation sparked a shift in the Asian beauty community on TikTok, where the cat eyeliner look has long been the preferred choice regardless of individual eye shape. This question was raised as a result: does straight eyeliner better than cat eyeliner?

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    What is the straight eyeliner over cat eyeliner trend?

    The straight eyeliner look involves applying your eyeliner in a straight line along the upper lash line without any flicks or wings at the ends. The eyeliner slightly extends from the corner of the eyes before creating a parallel triangle that connects back to the upper lash line.

    This makeup technique can elongate your natural eye shape and create the illusion of larger eyes, which is especially beneficial for individuals who are critical about the size of their eyes.

    Why do Asian eyes shine with straight eyeliner, not cat eyeliner?

    While both techniques help elongate and enhance one’s eye shape, cat eyeliner is more suited for those who want to create a dramatic look.

    The cat eyeliner look involves drawing a line along the upper lash line, which extends outwards and upwards towards the end of the eyebrow, creating a winged effect.

    Whereas the straight eyeliner technique follows the natural curve of the eye before extending outwards in a straight line. No wing or upward extension is needed when creating the straight eyeliner.

    This style is more natural-looking and subtle as compared to an exaggerated cat eyeliner. Additionally, it is more suitable for the Asian eye shape making one’s eyes appear wider and more awake. This is especially helpful for those with smaller eyes or hooded eyelids.

    The straight eyeliner technique is also a favourite amongst those who struggle with creating the perfect wing eyeliner look.

    How to create a straight eyeliner look

    To create a straight eyeliner look, start by drawing a straight line outward from the outer corner of your eye. Thereafter, connect the line back towards the iris to create a small triangular shape that runs parallel to the eye.

    Drawing a straight line along the upper lash line emphasises the eye in a subtle yet effective manner, without placing too much emphasis on the outer corner.

    Does this trend work for all Asian eyes regardless of eye shape?

    The trend is more successful for those with almond-shaped eyes. People with almond-shaped eyes tend to have smaller eyelids that are longer in width than they are round. Their eyes are also slightly turned upwards in the outer corners.

    As many Asian eyes resemble a natural almond shape, the straight eyeliner look complements their eyes more than a cat eyeliner would. This technique also creates an illusion where the natural shape of the Asian eyes not only looks wider but more balanced.

    TikTok creator Julia Huynh is the perfect candidate for this look as she has naturally beautiful almond eyes with upturned ends. The straight eyeliner elongates her eye shape, creating a subtle and natural look that suits her better than her usual cat eyeliner style.

    However, the trend did not work as effectively for those with downturned eyes. As evidenced by the photos, Shi Hui's downturned eyes appeared droopy when she used the straight eyeliner technique.

    Conversely, when the cat eyeliner technique was applied, her face appeared lifted and more defined, as if she had undergone a facelift. Thus, it is important to examine your eye shape before trying out this trend.

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