Empties of the month- July 2018

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Empties of the month- July 2018

    Hi there!

    August is here and it's time to make my account of the products I used in July! 

    Let's get started!

    1. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 200 ml: I love dry shampoos all time of the year but in the summer I love them a little more. Due to high temperatures and sweat my hair go more oily than during winter and we all know everyday shampooing is not beneficial for our hair. Batiste is not my all time favorite, but it's not bad. I love the fresh and clean smell of the original one, but I didn't enjoye the fact that it leaves white powdery stains on my hair.  I have to brush them right after the application very well in order to take them off. As for the oiliness it's doing a good job.

    2. Calvin Klein Down Town Eau De Parfum 50 ml/ Body Lotion 200 ml: This has been one of my favorites for spring and summer mornings! It's light, sweet but not too much, citrusy and delicate! The body lotion has a very strong and long lasting scent and it's easily absorbed! 

    3. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: I'm in love with Lush! Edible lip scrubs by Lush are an all time classic and not in vein. Their 100% natural, Vegan and colored only with edible pigments. I love Bubblegum- My boy lollipop because it has a strong candy floss scent, which I adore, and leaves my lips soft and perfectly conditioned. Personally, I don't like eating it (tastes like cosmetics), I just whip it off with a tissue.

    4.  Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 50ml: Guys, I honestly don't understand why everyone worships this moisturizer. I bought it 'cause I heard so much about it, but I got really disappointed. The texture is so fake! It's like liquid plastic, I can't explain it otherwise. The scent is dreadful, smells like a pharmacy product, not like cosmetics. After the application, I feel like my skin has a veil of silicone. I love Clinique, but as for this one such a fuzz for nothing.

    5. Bio-Oil PurCellin 125 ml: All time classic and adored! It must be the 200 bottle I finished. I buy it all the time and use it as a moisturizer, as an anti- aging face and body oil, as a stretch marks product, as a hair care product, as therapy for my boyfriends eczema and the list never ends. I love its texture as it's rich and soft and the scent reminds me of luxurious rose oils. 

    6. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] Cream 40ml: I bought this moisturizer along with Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel and my skin was thankful! I suffer from acne break outs the last 2 years and this combination of products helped me fight them effectively. I haven't seen my skin in such a good condition for a long time. This creme is suitable for oily and acne skin and fights oiliness, imperfections and acne marks. I didn't noticed any dramatic difference on my marks but other than that it's very effective.

    7. Apivita face scrub with bilberry 50 ml: Scrubs are a substantial part of my skin care ritual. I prefer Apivita when it comes to face scrubs , as they are natural and super effecive. The past month, I tried the bilberry face scrub for luminous complexion. I love it!

    8. Fresh Line Phaedra Body Milk de Fleurs (sample): I adore Fresh Line! It's like the Greek Lush! Their creations are inspired by Greek nature and ancient Greek beauty rituals. They are 100% natural and organic and acquire some vegan collections as well. I went to their store in my hometown and bought an amazing body oil (I will come with a new post about it) and they gave me few samples to try more products. I adored Phaedra's body lotion. The scent is strong, feminine and luxurious. Imagine that my T-shirt smells like Phaedra for three days now. I will differently purchase the full size soon.

    9. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: This mascara can compete with products at twice the price of it. It has great quality, perfect deep black colour and keeps your lashes up high for all day!

    10. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Black: I wasn't really satisfied with this mascara. The colour was rich but I didn't like its soft, flexible brush. It wasn't steady enough to create a dramatic lash effect.

    11. Nivea Protect & Care 48h Qick Dry Spray 150 ml: I like the scent of classic Nivea products and that was the main reason I chose this deo. It's effective and keeps odors and sweat away for many hours. The only negative comment I have to make is that it leaves white stains on skin and clothes even if you spray it from a distance.

    12. Natura Siberica Organic Shop Natural Foot Cream-gel Ayurvedic Spa Pedicure 75ml: I'm a big fan of Natura Siberica and was never disappointed! I really appreciate companies who produce organic and non- chemical beauty products and try to support them. This foot cream-gel provides a very refreshing feeling and rests tired legs and feet. It has a fresh mint scent and it's easily absorbed. It's not super hydrating, but I will purchase again for this nice resting feeling this one gives to my feet.

    13. Pantene Pro-V Classic Care Conditioner 270 ml: Pantene Pro-V is one of the most typical hair care brands and you can it find in every drug store. I'm a huge fan of the scent and I love how moist and soft my hair are after the very first use. I explore new brands all the time, but this is an all time classic.

    14. Benefit Bathina Take a picture it lasts longer Body balm: Bathina is a silky glimmering body balm that provides a beautiful and seductive fragrance to your skin. It looks great on tanned legs! Words unnecessary about the packaging. It's a piece of art (vintage art!) on your boudoir. I adored the fact that the glitter is so well-blended that leaves a pearl like effect. I used it as a highlighter on my cheekbones as well. It was the most natural highlighter I could ever find! Bathina I love you!

    15. Farouk CHI Keratine Silk Infusion 15 ml: I heard so much about this oil treatment and decided to give it a try! I bought the mini sized bottle and now I'm ready to go for the full size! It is amazing! It leaves hair silky soft and non frizzy. The scent reminds me of citrus and lemon. You can apply it in both wet and dry hair! 

    Girls, I hoped you enjoyed this review!

    Till next time,


    Mary Jolene

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