Empties of the month: September 2018

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Empties of the month: September 2018

    Hey there!
    I was a little late for my empties, but here they are!

    I am starting with the new hair care line launched by L' Oreal Paris. The Dream Long family consists of a shampoo, a hair conditioner and a leave- in hair cream! I skiped the last one because leave- in creams don't really work for me and leave my hair feeling heavy. I bought though the shampoo and hair conditioner and I was really satisfied! They contain many nutritious oils and liquid keratin to load your hair with strength and sustainability. I truly noticed a remarkable difference on split ends as they were much evened and soothed. When I brush my hair they tend to break and I see little pieces of hair all over! On this matter the difference was so noticeable and my hair gained their shinny and healthy appearance back again! I used my hair oil (CHI Argan Oil, at the moment! ) after these two products and the results where great! I highly recommend them!

    I will keep up with the shampoos and talk to you about Apivita's Dry Dandruff shampoo, which is actually not mine! I don't suffer from dandruff, I bought this one for my boyfriend who has this issue and the results were great! He tried almost everything there is to try out there for this problem but nothing really worked. So as I was e- shopping for myself I found this shampoo and read some good reviews on it and decided to order. He is on his second bottle right now and the problem is so minimized that we can't believe it! This line has a scalp oil as well to help even more but he didn't used it and still the results were awesome. That's a life savior for him and I thought that many of you could find this helpful! Plus, it is mostly natural and parabens free!

    Moving forward to the skin care, I want to talk to you a little bit about  Natura Estonica Bio! It's a new company from Natura Siberica, offering us some lovely bio, organic and natural skin care products (which come with -40% discount for limited time!). I chose the daily moisturizer from Iceland Moss line, which appeals to oily and sensitive skin types. I adored the fact that they made a product that doesn't only fight oiliness but soothes skin as well from irritations. This cream is divine, it's very moisturizing without leaving your face feeling greasy and brightens your natural skin tone. The name is Iceland Moss oil control face cream for combination and sensitive skin and you have to try it NOW! It's been so long since I bought a moisturizer that didn't cause me and break outs and I'm super excited!

    This month I also tried out the green Micelaire water from Garnier! I have tried the classic pink one but as soon as I noticed there is one specialized on oily skin I just went for it! It really works! Super cleansed skin, matte effect and pore less skin! I seriously eaten this one up and used it as a face toner as well during the day. I highly recommend it!

     I also finished up three of my favorite Lush products! I've talked so much about them on my "Favorite products from Lush" post! And just in case you didn't know, you can return 5 clean pots at your nearest Lush store and grab one fresh face mask of your choice for free! My skin loves this kind of recycling encouragement. Anyway! Just go try them all! They are divine!

    Now, my first body care empty this month was Vichy's Ideal Body body butter. I wasn't so thrilled or amazed. Actually it took me a long time to empty this one. It smells nice and fresh, but I realized it provides a short term effect and doesn't really improve your skin tone or your skin quality in general. Plus, if you are not very careful with the amount you use, it starts to flake as you apply. And that's really annoying! Having a clean fresh showered skin and then it looks like getting dirty. I will not buy this one again.

    Second skin care product is a multipurpose oil from a Greek beauty company, Messinian Spa. These products are mostly natural and contain the famous Messinian olive oil, which is so nutritious for your diet, your skin and your hair! The Messinian Spa 3 in 1 Multipurpose Oil can be used on face, body and hair and it smells divine! Something like orange blossom and cleanliness! I lived it and it lasted for so long even though I used it very often! It pampered my skin beautifully and softened my hair ends. I even used it as a bath oil and it was so nourishing! Go for it!

    This is an all time classic for Fall and I really lost count on the bottles I’ve used. The Body Shop’s Shea Body Mist is the ultimate scent for autumn. I received many compliments on this and I really love it. Light, sophisticated and elegant, this one will never leave my bag until November, when I change to a more winter type of perfume!

    I kept the make up empties for the end! Unfortunately, I won’t be buying none of them again. Total Temptation Mascara from Maybelline was an average mascara with an uncomfortable brush that was slipping all the time, making a mess on the uper eye area and W7 Matte Eye Shadow Pallete had a very weak color rendering, fact that makes it to me a not worthy product.

    Thank you for reading my post and stay tuned for more!

    I’d love to receive your messages or comments and feel free to ask me anything on the products mentioned!


    Mary Jolene

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