Hi loves!

    It’s been a month since my last post and I gathered A LOT of products to make this empties!

    At this point I’d like to say that I’m always trying to discover new bloggers or vloggers who make empties or tops and flops posts and videos, but I realized that they are not as many as I thought. I think that empties are very useful as you can save yourself money from shopping products of questionable quality or effectiveness and  you can always learn about new products you haven’t heard before and create your wish list. I always search for quality empties posts and I’d love some recommendations from you guys! Also, let me know your thoughts on how useful empties posts are to you, on the comments bellow!

    Let’s start with the hair care products I used up this couple of months!

    L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo Coconut Oil, 400ml: I’ve used the hair mask of this range in the past and I was impressed! This shampoo has an amazing scent of sweet coconut and a little something else! The scent lingers on my hair for days (especially when combined with the mask) and I feel them moisturized and softened. What I didn’t really liked was that it required a lot of product to properly cleanse my hair. So it doesn’t go a long way. Maybe I’ll buy this one again, but it’s not a top listed for me.

    L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Mask Coconut Oil Normal to Dry Hair, 300 ml: I’ve mentioned this multipurpose hair mask in a previous empties post! I’m repurchasing over and over and I’m really satisfied! Not to heavy but yet very moisturizing and the scent is…oh my god! Just try it!

    Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo with Shea and Honey, 300ml: Very cheap and very effective! It’s the perfect shampoo for damaged and dehydrated hair as it’s softening and tames unruly dry hair. The smell reminds me of honey indeed, but it’s not long lasting. I really liked that it takes only a small amount for lots of foam and a deep cleanse! I will definitely buy this one again!

    Le Petit Marseillais 3 minutes Hair Cream with Shea and Honey, 200ml: Lovely hair cream, with the same honey scent as the shampoo, that detangles and nourishes hair perfectly! I used it as a conditioner and a hair mask. I can’t say that only 3 minutes are enough for any product to work, so when used as a mask, I managed to leave it for 15 minutes as I usually do with hair masks and it worked really nice for my hair. I will repurchase in the future!

    Klorane Shampoo Pivoine for Irritated Scalp, 200ml: I got to know Klorane when I was looking for a pharmaceutical product to fight itchy scalp. This brand has a huge variety of products for every need. I wasn’t satisfied with this product, though I had great expectations.  The smell wasn’t bad, bad it didn’t worked out for me at all. Actually, it was so cleansing that instead of calming my scalp, it was leaving it dryer than before. I wouldn’t recommend this one and I will not buy it again, but I’d like to give a second chance to Klorane by choosing another product in the future. 

    Skin, nails and hair formula, 60 tablets, Solgar: I bought these vitamins as I read many great reviews on them and the main purpose was to help me grow longer hair. I took these vitamins for two months and I have to say that they really work! The first impacts were noticed on my nails that got much stronger and didn’t break even once! I noticed some differences on my hair after a month of use. They got stronger with less breaking and split hair ends and they got really shiny! As for my skin, after two months of use, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference! I recommend them for those of you who need to give a boost to their hair and nails!

    Schwarzkopf Pure Color 5.1 Smokey Brown : This hair dye range by Schwarzkopf is my favorite! Since I discovered Pure Color I started dying my hair on my own and it was much easier than I have ever imagined! This is a permanent jelly hair dye that doesn’t drip and provides a vibrant rich color with long lasting effect. I used to buy Vinyl Black, but I needed a change! Smokey Brown sounded promising and I think I found my new color! Though I have premature white hair, it covered them all at once and most importantly it nourishes hair while dyeing them! The formula is loaded with soothing aloe that works wonders on my hair! I highly recommend it!

    Vichy Mineral 89 Booster, 50ml: I finally got to try Vichy’s new famous product that launched few months ago and everyone is totally obsessed with it! It has a jelly texture and is colorant, fragrance and paraben free. I was looking at the ingredients to see where is the bad stuff, but seriously is amongst the purest cosmetics available now. It contains hyaluronic acid and 89% Vichy’s thermal water (thus the name!). Hyaluronic acid absorbs 100 times it’s wight in water and strengthens skin’s defenses against environmental factors. Thermal water provides moisture and brightens the complexion. I was very satisfied with this product  as I was looking for something light weighted to wear in the morning. You can use it on its own, ore combine it with your moisturizing cream. I will buy this again!

    Natura Siberica Dr. Konopka’s Face Smoothing Serum, 30 ml: I’ve been using this natural serum for over a year and I’ve mentioned it again on another empties post.  It contains natural and organic ingredients, which I highly appreciate, it’s cruelty free and it’s very friendly to the skin. It creates a smoothing, kind of blurring effect and I use it as a primer and as a serum under my moisturizer! I love it!

    Natura Siberica Natura Estonica Matt Face Cream Iceland Moss, 50ml: I adore this moisturizer! It’s truly matt and still highly moisturizing. I never had break outs with this cream. It was actually calming for my skin and soothing. The scent is very refreshing and powdery. I am on my third pot!

    Lush Fresh Face Mask Rosy Cheecks, 75g. : Rosy Cheecks is the first fresh face mask I got to try from Lush. I usually buy self preserving masks like Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee. I loved it! It is supposed to calm skin’s irritations and nourish, but I found it very cleansing. It really calmed the redness, but I think it’s exclusively suitable for oily and acne prone skin. I think dry and sensitive complexions might find this one very “hard”. As a fresh mask, you have to keep it in the fridge. It has a divine scent of fresh picked roses and I’ll surely buy it again. Some cons are the price for the amount of product and of course that it expires very soon (1 month).

    Apivita Bee Radiant Gift Set (Bee Radiant Face Cream 50ml, Bee Radiant Eye Cream 15ml, Bee Radiant Face Serum sample): I bought this gift set for myself, as Apivita is amongst my all time favorite brands. The products alone cost twice as much as in a set, so it seemed a great opportunity. I loved the daily moisturizer! I chose the light weighted texture (there is a rich texture version as well!) and I noticed from the first week a dramatic difference on my skin tone. It was luminous and brightened and smelled amazing (orange blossom scented!). The serum sample was good, but nothing overwhelming.  I can’t say the same about the eye cream as it is possibly the worst eye cream I’ve ever tried. It didn’t absorb, it was flaking after a while and caused me irritation under my eye. I called the company to report the incident and they were so kind and apologizing. They sent me some other products as an apology gift (which I got to choose!)  and took the eye cream for examination. At this point I’d like to encourage you girls to not hesitate on calling the company about  a product that did not meet your needs or caused you side effects. They are always looking for valuable feedback and they don’t want to create unsatisfied clients. So, you won’t lose your money and they will get better on what they do! Everybody wins!

    Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb, Tissue Face Mask: This is a product that I pick every time I step into a drug store! I manage to have 2 or 3 available anytime I need an extra boost. It is very moisturizing and brightening as it contains hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and plant serum. The tissue mask is deeply soaked in the product, so you can reuse it for one more time if you want. I keep it in the fridge and it remains fresh! I highly recommend this after a late night out!

    Frezyderm Ac- Norm Aquatic Cream for Acne Prone Skin (sample): I was so excited that I have to buy the full size asap! It is so light weighted, yet moisturizing, it is water based and smells amazingly fresh! I used it day and night and got rid of some little pimples on my chin! Loved it and I will come with a fuller review after I use the full size. 

    Bioten Xpress Effect Micellar Water, 400ml: I had great expectations from a product that claims a quick and easy removal even on waterproof products. It was good and smelled really nice but it fell on the floor once and the packaging broke…and it wasn’t such a harsh fall anyway! So I won’t buy this again, as it left me with this bad experience. 

    Natura Siberica Organic Shop Butter Lifting Body Body Firming Mediterranean Nut, 350ml: I didn’t like this product at all. I made the same mistake again and bought something because it smells amazing! It comes in a huge packaging that looks like a jar of jam and it’s mostly natural and organic. Everything else about it is horrible! It never absorbs. And by saying never, I mean never ever! After two days you still feel it sticky and annoying on your skin. Also, after few months the scent was altered into something very chemical. I couldn’t manage to finish it up and I won’t buy it again.

    Gehwol Refreshing Feet Balm, 75 ml: I bought it as a feet relief cream, but then I realized it’s a deo cream! Anyway, it works for both causes, as it contains eucalyptus, which is both a deodorant factor and a pain relief factor for tired legs. I highly recommend this to the girls who are always on the run!

    Zendium Sensitive, 75 ml: I find it a little funny when people put toothpastes on empties posts, but here I am, doing the things I dare! I really had to mention this toothpaste though, as I was looking for so long to find a truly mild one for my sensitive scars. It’s also based on natural ingredients, which is hard to find on this price!

    Neutro Roberts Powder Fresh Roll On Deodorant, 50ml: I bought this on July and finished it up now! I love the scent! It’s powdery and floral and lasts for many hours. It contains no alcohol and usually comes with 1+1 offer, so it’s very economical. It’s my favorite and I’m repurchasing again and again. 

    Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, 215g : Not much to say, as you know this is my all time favorite body lotion! I think this is the forth pot I finished and I already bought a new one. I love it both during summer and winter, but I think I finish it up faster in winter as I need a bigger amount of product to comfort my skin. Still, it’s value for money to me!

    The Body Shop Body Butter Vanilla Marshmallow, 50 ml: This is a new body butter from the Christmas range launched a little while ago at The Body Shop! I trust this brand on body butters so much, as they are super hydrating without being sticky or too heavy on my skin. The fragrances are amazing and I’ve almost tried everything! I bought the mini size because I wanted to test how sweet the scent is, as I couldn’t fully get it in the shop, and didn’t want to buy the full size at once in case it was too sweet for me. I loved it! The scent is sweet but without making you nauseous, it lingers on the skin for many hours and the hydration is divine as always! I highly recommend it! 

    Thank you for reading another review girls,


    Mary J.

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