Facial Cleansing Brush

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Facial Cleansing Brush

    You may have seen new tools for your skin care routine online recently and one of them is the facial cleansing brush. I've been reading up on it because I was too curious to know what difference these tools made!

    First of all, there are so many types and almost every cosmetics company has created its own personal facial cleansing brush. That is why it is one of the trendy tools now and you can find one for every need. Yes, it is!  Because each skin type has different characteristics and needs it is important to consider what option is better in order to avoid been too aggressive on your skin. For example, if you have very sensitive skin, skin redness, if you tend to have acne or if you have skin irritations, it is better not to use a facial cleansing brush as this might even make the situation worse!



    For all other skin types, this tool is very useful and has many advantages: 

    - deep-cleans your skin 

    - removes make-up well and exfoliates the skin

    - minimizes the appearance of blackheads

    - it’s relaxing massage for your face

    - it stimulates lymphatic drainage 

    - detoxifying effect for your face


    Features of the facial cleansing brush

    Almost all facial cleansing brushes have some common features: 

    - an aerodynamic shape that is easy to hold 

    - they are easy to use and have beautiful design

    - they have different vibration intensities or modes of use

    - they are made of a material (especially silicone or fiber) that is easy to wash and does not retain impurities or dirt like simple sponges.

    - have various tools in the kit to be used according to the area of the face and your skin


    How to use 

    Remove your make-up, put your cleanser on the wet skin and massage with the brush for about a minute or two. Make T-movements for deeper cleansing. Next move the brush in small circular motions across your face. Work across your chin, nose and forehead each for 20 seconds and then your cheeks for 10 seconds. Try to avoid using the brush around your eyes, as this skin can be extra delicate.

    You can also use this with your serum or face cream!

    Be careful not to apply too much pressure and avoid using cleansers with exfoliating properties, as these are too harsh on the skin when combined with the brush. Also, be sure never to share your facial brush with anyone else as this can spread bacteria and cause breakouts.


    How often you should use 

    How often you need to use the a facial cleansing brush depends very much on your skin type. If you have normal to combination skin, I recommend using it every day as part of your skin care routine, either in the morning or evening. If you have very sensitive skin, I recommend using the brush 2 or 3 times a week. You can choose what is best for you!


    Foreo Luna


    Foreo is a Swedish brand and one of the first to put this type of face tool into circulation. It is also  one of the most advertised. It is a silicone tool designed for the palm of the hand and easy to use. It must be operated through the Foreo app and has a slight vibration to clean deeper. 

    There are different Foreo Luna models, depending on your skin type and various versions of each have come out on the market. I've always heard good things about this product in all the reviews I've read or watched, although in my opinion it has a very high price (199 euros).

    You can buy it here.



    This facial cleansing brush is different from the others because it has nylon bristles. If you prefer other materials for your face brush, this one is for you! If you have particularly sensitive skin, I recommend using this one because the bristles are ultra-soft and at the same time allow for deep cleaning.

    The price is around 30 euros and I think it is quite affordable, plus you can also find it easily on Amazon.

    You can buy it here.


    PMD Clean



    This face brush is also made of silicone but has a different shape because it is made to be held in the hand. It has more than 7,000 vibrations per minute and has two sides, one for cleaning and one with an anti-aging function with pulsations.

    The price of this one is also quite high (99 euro) in my opinion, but it is worth it for the final result.

    You can buy it here.


    Anisa Cleansing Brush

    This face brush features fiber and silicone bristles, is designed to be gentle on your face. It's also manual so if you don't want to worry about batteries or recharging your facial tools, this one is for you!

    It can be used on all skin types as the bristles are very soft and the top part can be detached for easy washing. It is also affordable (around 30 euros) and can be used for two years.

    You can buy it here.

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