FILORGA: Foam cleanser and NCEF reverse. The perfect match? - Product review

Product details: Filorga Foam Cleanser - Filorga NCEF Reverse supreme multi-correction cream

FILORGA: Foam cleanser and NCEF reverse. The perfect match? - Product review

    Many times in my life I have thought of finding the perfect product for my skin. It’s not easy to find the right combination between your type of skin and a good result!

    But now I want to recommend you a good face products that has satisfied me in recent years.

    We talk about the “Mousse Dèmaquillante / Foam Cleanser” as a make up remover and “NCEF - Reverse” - Supreme multi correction cream by Filorga.

    The French brand Filorga is an expert in skin care and anti-aging cosmetics. Its history dates back to the 1970s, but in recent years I have heard about this brand more and more often. The brand has patented NCTF technology, a unique solution that slows down this process by correcting existing imperfections.

    The Filorga products can be used by the young woman but they are specialize in anti-age products. You can find it in pharmacy, online and specialized perfumeries.

    I’m 29 years old and, for example, I use the basics products as the cleanser and the main daily moisturizers. In fact, in the recent years I learn how to use more quality and customized products related to my type of skin. I also care about my skin routine and I have learned to distinguish the various products.

    There are a high premium products, so the prize is a bit higher than the others, but I can certainly say it's worth it!

    Mousse Demaquillante - Foam Cleanser 150 ml


    This is a mousse used as a make up removal but also to clean your skin. In addition to an ultra-gentle latest generation surfactant of plant origin, it features the following guest stars: high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, well-known for its moisturising properties, smoothes dehydration fine-lines and Madonna Lily, which soothes irritation and protects the skin from free-radical attacks.

    Contains hyaluronic acid for a younger looking skin and leave your skin very soft and smooth. If you want to check the complete list of the ingredients take a look here.

    Type of skin

    This product is suitable for all type of skin. I have very delicate skin, prone to redness and cracking, so for me this product was a nice discovery because it never gave me problems and it moisturized my face in the right way.

    Method of use

    You can use in the morning and/or evening. You can take a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto wet skin. Rinse immediately with water thoroughly. Your skin is perfectly cleansed and ready to receive your other products.

    The feature I appreciate the most about this product is very gentle on the skin.

    Price: € 25 / $ 27

    You can find it online:

    - Here for USA

    - Here for Europe

    NCEF - REVERSE Supreme multi-correction cream


    This cream contains more than 50 active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants) considered to be among the most effective in combating aging. There are a lot of different key ingredients like also cell-communicating, skin brightening and sunscreen. Here the complete ingredients overview. 

    Regenerating treatment that counteracts the multiple signs of aging and acts on wrinkles, dull complexion, loss of uniformity and sagging skin.

    Type of skin

    I used this cream for more than one month and I can see the result day after day, because is very velvety and enveloping cream. This is ideal for all skin types from normal to dry. In my case I have a mixed face skin type (oily and dry) and it has never bothered me.

    Method of use 

    I recommend applying it on the face once or twice a day. Sometimes I also used as a primer before the foundation. Also this is a type of cream for the day routine, the brand have a specific products for the night routine. 

    This type of moisturized is not necessary for a young woman skin, It’s better to use after 25 years to prevent the first wrinkles of the face and keep the skin hydrated.

    So if you are very young I think there are many other good and cheaper creams that can also be great products, but if you are around 30 years old I advise you to start using this cream because it is a great product!

    Price: € 86  / $ 102

    You can find it online:

    - here for USA

    - here for Europe


    Yes! Definitely I can confirm that is the best formula for me. I don’t use so many skin product, in particular for my face, but I was trying this Filorga brand in the last months and I want to share with you my opinions. 

    They are quite expensive compared a lot of others brand, but you buy a good quality product and, in my case, I tried a lot of brand in the past years but always having problem with my face skin (weak hydration or redness).

    For me this two products are the perfect match and I’m so happy to have tried them!

    Will you try them too? 

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    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      I’ve heard about this brand, I will def try it out now! Thanks❤️

      3 years ago 
    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      Great review! The products are definitely on the higher end for skincare price-wise, but if the products are effective as you say it might be worth giving a shot! I also have sensitive skin so I get a little wary of trying new products so it's nice to hear about new brands and read detailed reviews like this one to get more options. 

      3 years ago 
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