Honest Review of the Menstrual Cup

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Honest Review of the Menstrual Cup

    This was a hype a few years back and I know everyone talked about it for a while before it went away. Me being a late bloomer, I didn’t think about it until this fall when I found one in a supermarket in Nice. After 4 months of using it, these are my honest thoughts.

    1. If you put it wrong you are in for a big mess

    There are different ways of “inserting” the cup, so in the first few tries expect to add it wrong and for the fluid to pass. 

    That is why I do not recommend leaving the house in the first few tries. 

    Once you master this part, you can definitely rely on it for a couple of hours, depending on your flow.

    2. It’s messy but not as messy as you would initially think

    Taking it out is not as bad as I initially imagined, but it helps if you are at home.

    You would have to properly clean it before reusing it, and a “public” bathroom is not an option.

    Also, I always make sure I am safe until I return home before emptying it. 

    3. Questionable reliability 

    As I stated above, a public bathroom is not an option if you have to empty the cup. You would have to use the bathroom for people with disabilities given that you need to be able to clean your hands and not touch any doors before taking it out, you have to empty and clean the cup, clean yourself if needed, and then insert it back. 

    4. Definitely more economic

    If you are able to use it for most of the days,  you will get a lot of value for the small initial investment. I don’t remember exactly the cost, but I think it was around 10 euros for it, each month I spend around this much on tampons. 

     5. It won’t replace regular tampons

    For me at least, it hasn’t. I do my best to use it when I am working from home or when I don't have to be out of my house for more than 4 hours. 

    For me, it was an experiment that worked pretty well. 

    I can't declare myself a big fan of the cup, but I do find it nice because it reduces the number of tampons that I use. 

    For that reason only, I consider it a success, it’s still TBD if in time my perspective will change, yet for now I see it as an additional accessory to make your life a little bit better, but not a substitute for the regular tampons that I use.

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    • Julia M Julia M :

      Awesome review! Have you tried period underwear? P.S. Spoiler, I love it!

      1 year ago 
      • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

        thanks, Julia, no I haven't tried them yet, but I think I need to now. 

        I heard a lot of people had great feedback about them.  

        1 year ago 
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