IPSY Monthly Subscription Review: Is it worth it?

Product details: Various Beauty Products

IPSY Monthly Subscription Review: Is it worth it?

    IPSY is a monthly subscription service starting at $12 per month which provides subscribers with a makeup bag of five deluxe cosmetics samples. The products include skincare items, perfumes, nail and skin products, and makeup based upon users preferences. As an IPSY subscriber of almost 8 months, I will review whether it is worth the purchase. 

    Take the Beauty Quiz

    Before you start your IPSY monthly subscription, you need to take a short and sweet beauty quiz where they ask you about your skin tone, eye color, hair color, makeup preferences, product choices like hair mask, toner, facial cleanser and the brands that you usually like to shop from. After the IPSY monthly subscription beauty quiz, it will ask you to sign up for the subscription which comes around to $13 with tax per month.

    About IPSY Products

    Personally I really enjoyed the products that were delivered to me every month. The products are put together in a cute little pouch which is handy for storage and can be used while travelling. The IPSY pouch, which includes 5 beauty products gets delivered around the first week of every month, straight to your doorstep. The details about the products are already mentioned in the email before they are delivered to us. After the first month, you get to select one of the products and IPSY chooses the rest, all whilst permitting add-on products for $5 each. IPSY also lets you opt for more expensive subscription packages where they deliver full size products with options for additional deals. However, as a student, I stick with the more affordable $13 subscription package, allowing myself the occasional $5 add on products. 

    The Pros

    • Customized Products.
    • Affordable.
    • Option of choosing one product.
    • Variety of add on products.
    • Brand diversity.
    • Good quality products.
    • Different types of subscriptions.
    • The option of pausing your subscription.

    The Cons

    • Products can be similar in monthly subscription
    • Too many unwanted products.
    • May not be suitable for delicate skin
    • Monthly subscription can be a waste of money.
    • Not able to choose your own products.
    • Sample size products
    • Unknown Brands 

    Is it worth it?

    Personally, when the package gets delivered, it feels like a gift from myself as I love trying different beauty products. Even the few similar products that I have received over the months are often passed along to friends or family. Since it arrives straight to my doorstep and saves me from endlessly browsing products, I  have retained my IPSY subscription. The IPSY monthly subscription is convenient, affordable and definitely worth a try.

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