Kiko Milano Cosmetics | 3 products review

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Kiko Milano Cosmetics |  3 products review

    Today I want to talk you about a brand that I have been using for a long time called KIKO Milano (Milan). As the name can suggest it is an Italian brand. Kiko born in 1977 by Stefano Percassi, the founder member of the family. In 2000 the brand launched a full line of skincare products, beauty accessories and nail polish. Around 2010 the brand started their e-commerce site and expanded its stores around the world.

    Originally begun as a small store in Milan, now there are around 1.000 stores everywhere in the world. I’m quite surprised about this because I didn’t know so many stores of the brand but actually I’m happy becouse I really love Kiko Cosmetics! 

    In Italy (the country where I am from) you can easily find a store in the main city and the products prices are very affordable.You can buy good products for about 15 to 20 euros.

    Where can you buy the products?

    In Europe and America you can find stores as well. In any case you can always shop online through their e-commerce site.

    If you want to find a store near you click here.

    NOTE: Kiko has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. They don't test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. The 75% of the products are Made in Italy and the 100% is made in Europe. 

    I tried a lot of different products so today I want to suggest to you the must have of Kiko Cosmetics. 


    Smart Hydrating Foundation

    Not a lover of heavy foundations on your skin? This Kiko product could be for you. What are we talking about? From the Smart Hydrating Foundation, a fluid foundation and moisturizer, smoothing and so good it feels like a natural second skin effect.

    Type of skin

    I have a mix type of skin (oily and dry) but this foundation is good for all skin types. Actually they have it in 21 colors. So you can find the perfect shadow for your skin. For example I use the “warm rose 30”.

    How I apply it

    It’s very comfortable and it also wears lasts really well throughout the day. I’m usually very picky about my foundations but this managed to get repurchased three times, so that’s saying something. I usually put on a moisturizer first and then apply the foundation once for a natural effect. But if you prefer a more covering effect, you can apply the foundation twice.

    The foundation is pretty liquid, which makes it easy to apply. I prefer to apply it with my fingers, but it works with a beauty blender or a brush as well. It's a travel-friendly size and easy to carry in your makeup bag.


    As they say, the formula is enriched with a mix of ingredients with moisturizing, emollient and antioxidant action. The medium coverage and the buildable texture ensure a satin and natural finish, able to last for a long time.

    If you want to see the specific ingredients of the products take a look here


    € 7.99 / 

    $ 12.99

    Video: Kiko Smart Hydrating Foundation Review / Wear test.


    Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

    I am totally in love with this Long lasting Eyeshadow Stick and I used this product for many years!

    How I apply it

    The aspects I love most of this product is the very simple and comfortable application. I usually don’t have so much time to put make up on, so for me it is a plus to use my fingers to put my eyeshadows and still have a good result! Wow wow! But of course you can also use the brush to define your make up. 

    Product description

    Moreover, it is creamy but very pigmented and the color remains uniform for up 8 hours, I can confirm this.

    You can find this products in 23 different colors but all of these are glossy. I usually use the beige/ brown shadow because I prefer to combine both for a simple makeup or a smoky eyes as well. I use “07 Golden Beige”, “04 Golden Chocolate” and “47 Vintage Rose” to create my look every day, then I add mascara and your favorite eyeliner: Pronto! My makeup is done! 


    If you want to see all the ingredients take a look here


    € 6.99 /

    $ 9.50

    Video: Kiko Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows Review / Swatches / How to properly use them.


    Power Pro Nail Lacquer

    Let’s talk now about nail polishes! I love this line because they have a lot of colors and you have a good price/quality relation considering that most of the time you have a discount or offer (3x2) related to this products! 

    How I apply it

    Then it is very easy to apply! I love the angled brush because it is very easy to use also with your left hand! I usually apply the nail polish twice for full coverage. Also, I've made it clear that the drying time is quick. 

    Usually I buy shades of red and neutral for every day, but I'm definitely looking to expand my collection. 

    Product description

    The packaging is very compact and you have 11 ml of product. You can also choose from 51 different shadows of colors!  


    If you want to see all the ingredients take a look here.


    € 3.50 /

    $ 3

    Video: Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Swatches - 12 Shades.


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    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      I loved reading this review and to know about this brand. The product sounds so interesting!

      3 years ago 
    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      Love the simplicity of applying cream products but how easy is it to create eyeshadow looks that have multiple colors with the eyeshadow stick? 

      3 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        Yesss! If you want you can also watch the video to take some aspirations  

        3 years ago 
    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      I know the brand but haven’t used it, looks interesting! And the eyeshadow colors are so pretty 😍

      3 years ago 
      • Martina F Martina F :

        I love the eyeshadow too! You can choose from 23 different colors   

        3 years ago 
    • Dana P Dana P :

      Thank you for this review! I'm definitely gonna try the nail polish, those colors are gorgeous! I always have trouble with the left hand so I'm so glad it's easy to  use!

      3 years ago 
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