Kylie Skin | Clarifying Facial Oil - Oil for Oily Skin?

Product details: Kylie Skin | Clarifying Facial Oil

Kylie Skin | Clarifying Facial Oil - Oil for Oily Skin?

    Kylie Skin introduced Clarifying collection which includes clarifying 3- piece bundle of Clarifying Facial oil, Clear Complexion Correction Stick and a Detox Face Mask. This bundle of products is especially for oily and combination skin and also for acne prone skin. Today I am going to review one of the unique products which I had to try was this Clarifying Facial Oil by Kylie Skin to see how it helps my oily acne prone skin.

    Product Description

    An ultra-lightweight facial oil that helps to clarify impurities and condition the skin. Formulated with a unique blend of oils, Licorice Root and Vitamin E to provide nourishing moisture while Salicylic Acid helps to improve the appearance of texture and uneven skin tone.

    • Size - 0.7 fl oz / 20 ml
    • Price - 
      • Clarifying Facial Oil- $24
      • Clarifying Bundle ( Clarifying oil, correction stick and mask ) - $61
    • Usage - Apply a single drop each morning and evening to face.


    The product ingredients that makes Kylie Skin Clarifying oil suitable for the oily and combination skin.

    Safflower Oil: A light, non-greasy oil that contains a high concentration of linolenic acid. Helps to balance sebum production and replenish essential skin moisture.

    Salicylic Acid: A beta hydroxy acid (BHA). An exfoliant that helps with the appearance of texture and uneven skin tone.

    Licorice Root Extract: Helps to brighten the skin

    Skin Clarifying Oil Blend: Babassu Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Marula Oil, Rosehip Oil work to soothe, nourish and balance skin.

    Product Review

    I have been using The Clarifying Facial Oil for a week now. I use it just one time a day so that my skin gets use to the product first and also because I was scared to use the oil on my face which is very prone to acne as mentioned in Body Shop-Tea Tree lotion review. 

    The first day when I tried the oil, I underestimated the amount of oil to be used as it was supposed to be very light-weight. However, I literally used three drops of oil and my skin felt oily all day long. I had to dab a bit of translucent powder to soak up the oil and make my face look matte. Therefore as mentioned in the usage of the product, a single drop of oil works a long way. 

    I personally love love love Kylie Skin products. I have tried all the products from Kylie Skin set. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Milk Toner and the Kylie Skin Moisturizer. Therefore when Kylie Skin introduced this particular bundle of products, I was very excited. 

    The Kylie Skin Clarifying Facial Oil did not disappoint either. It definitely reduced the redness on my skin in just a week. It does not even cause any acne, in fact it kind of dried it out. Since it is a oil, it is very very moisturizing, so much so, I do not need any moisturizer. It will be a great companion for my face during winters. 

    All Kylie skin products are either mildly fragrant or fragrance free. This particular product is also has no fragrance but somehow I do not like that as I can then smell the oil on my face. I really wished it had some mild fragrance which can provide some freshness to the oil when I put it on my face.

    I was also confused when it came to putting on makeup as I was kind of skeptical to use the oil as a base for my foundation because it feels that it may block my pores. However, I gave the oil at least one hour to absorb in my skin and then used a primer for my base.

    Reduces Redness and dries out Acne.Requires some fragrance as it only smells of oil.
    Cannot use it as a base for makeup.
    Moisturizing.The skin may feel oily if used more amount.
    Fragrance Free.Expensive for the size of product.
    One drop is enough for the face. Long Lasting.
    Does not make skin oily, Absorbs quickly.

    Final Review

    Kylie Skin Clarifying Facial oil is new, unique and has great key features from all the other products. It is basically an oil for an oily skin. This oil is moisturizing and does not cause any acne. It reduces redness on your skin, giving it a more fresh and brightened look on your face. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly as well. If you have oil/combination and acne prone skin then Kylie Skin Clarifying Facial oil is definitely worth trying.

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