Maybelline Color Strike Eye shadow Pen- Product Review

Product details: Maybelline Color Strike Eyeshadow

Maybelline Color Strike Eye shadow Pen- Product Review

    Maybelline New York Color strike eye shadow, a cream-to-powder formula eye shadow pen that glides across the lid, it's crease-resistant, fade-resistant and smudge-resistant- no hassle, no mess. Thanks to its precise cushion tip, color strike, creating a smooth, even layer of striking color. Maybelline has yet again come up with an affordable, quick and easy product that can be used on the daily basis. The Color Strike collection includes colors that lets you create subtle looks during the day and turn it up at night.

    Shades and Pigmentation

    Maybelline Color Strike eye shadow comes in 10 different shades which has nudes as well as smoky tones. The pigmentation is on the medium level with lighter colors and high on the darker shades. There are available in 6 matte and 4 metallic shades.


    Maybelline Color Strike eye shadow pen is only for $6.99 which is pretty much affordable to all. Maybelline as a brand has always an economical price point, however, the price is only for one eye shadow pen and not the whole palette. If we come across buying all the colors, the price may reach up to seventy bucks. Although there is an advantage in buying only those colors that you would prefer using.

    How to Apply

    •    A simple swipe from the cushion tip glides across lid, depositing rich layer of smooth, even color. 

    •    A blending brush is preferred to blend the eye shadow.

    For best results, dip and twist applicator into pack to add more color to sponge which should saturate the sponge tip applicator with the powder. 



    •    cream-to-powder formula which glides easily.

    •    crease-resistant, fade-resistant and smudge-resistant.

    •    Quick and easy to use.

    •    Easy for travel purposes.

    •    Buying the color that you want.

    •    It comes with an applicator

    •    Fragrance free formula

    •    Long Lasting up to 12 hours.

    •    Precise cushion tip glides on for smooth, even layer of color.

    •    Ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.


    The drawback can be that we have to re-dip the applicator in order to get enough product on the sponge for a smooth glide of color. The applicator itself can feel a little stiff/hard and drag against skin, which can lead to sagging. Even though it has an applicator, it still requires a brush or fingertips to blend the eye shadow.

    Final Review

    Maybelline Color Strike Eye Shadow Colors are definitely worth a try. The eye shadow stays throughout the day leaving a little pigment on your eyes. There is no touch up required as such but it definitely smudges a little if you touch the eyes. The pigmentation is amazing, blends perfectly, very smooth texture and easy to use.

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      There's hardly anything in there. Monumental waste of money. Would be nice otherwise. 

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