My Haircare: BaByliss Curl Secret Review

Product details: BaByliss Curl Secret

My Haircare: BaByliss Curl Secret Review

    Have you tried the BaBylissCurl Secret? This revolutionary product has received a lot of attention from beauty bloggers and I have finally decided to try it out and see what all the fuss is about. 

    Well, BaByliss Curl Secret indeed is a game changer! The curler automatically draws your hair gently into a ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated. Depending on whether you want loose waves, soft, or defined curls, you will set an automatic timer. 

    Since BaBlyss is using new technology, check this video to see how it really works:

    I believe we are all familiar with the videos of women losing half of their hair due to improper use of devices for curling and ironing! To avoid this, you should always read the instructions on using curling irons. As BaByliss Curl Secret has a unique technology, here are the steps you should follow for correct use: 

    1. Before use, make sure the hair is clean, dry, and free of dry shampoo, hairspray, mousse, or any styling product

    2. Gently comb through your hair to remove any tangles 

    3.Divide your hair into separate sections, no wider than 3 cm 

    4. Turn the Babybliss Curl Secret and set it to the right temperature

    5.Insert the hair into the open part of the curl facing towards the head (if you turn it in the opposite direction, the device will start beeping and you won’t be able to create your curls)

    6. Start styling your hair 

    How curly do you want it?

    What I love about the Babybliss Curl Secret is that it offers 3 timer settings for 3 different types of curls. You can set the time setting suitably to create different curls:   

    • If you want loose waves, choose Setting 8 (3 beeps)
    • If you want soft curls, choose Setting 10 (4 beeps), and 
    • If you want more defined curls, choose Setting 12 (5 beeps) 

    Keep in mind that if you put the curler in the wrong position, it won’t work! 

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    How to create long-lasting curls?

    If you want your curls to last as long as possible, do not comb or brush your hair after curling it. Instead, wait for your hair to cool down before making any changes. If I want to have curls throughout the day, I sometimes apply a layer of hair spray. Although I try to avoid their use as I feel they make my hair heavy, I have found a hair spray that I actually really like: the Moroccan Oil Luminous Hair Spray. The spray provides medium hold and is ideal for natural and soft hairstyles. Morrocan oil has nourishing antioxidant properties and it smells amazing. You can order it for €21.40!

    How warm is too warm? 

    Although using higher temperature creates more damage to your hair, it at least helps you get the look you want. I have thick hair, and if I use the low settings, it will take me hours to get the look I want. However, when I use BaByliss Curl Secret, I can get the perfect waves in about 15 minutes, compared to 45 minutes with my other curler! 

    I always opt for higher temperatures, as at least I damage my hair for a shorter period. The general rule for setting the right temperature is as follows: 

    • Use the lower setting I (210°C) if you have thin, delicate or colored hair
    • Use the higher setting II (230°C) if you have thick hair 

    Unfortunately, Babybliss Curl Secret only offers two temperature settings. I think this is the biggest disadvantage of the curler, as you don’t have much freedom to regulate the temperature. I always start with the lower setting for the first 10 minutes and then continue with the higher setting. As well, to reduce damage, I always apply a heat protection spray beforehand. My favorite one is the Kevin Murphy Heated Defense, a weightless and transparent leave-in mousse that protects the hair from heat. This nurturing mousse offers protection to your hair up to a temperature of 232 °C. You can order the Heated Defense for €27,50 here.

    Another great protection spray I have recently discovered is the Balmain Hair Couture Styling – Thermal Protection. The spray creates a heat-resistant shield that protects the hair from the heat of a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron. You can order the Balmain Hair Protection for € 25,00, however, keep in mind it offers protection up to 220 °C. 

    Although protection sprays are useful, there are multiple ways of taking care of your hair! Check out these posts to find out how to get extra protection: 

    Protect your hair from heat-styling tools

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    6 Tips: how to avoid heat damaged hair

    I use the BaBylissCurl Secret once or twice a week, and I am really happy with it! If you’re looking for a new curler which is easy to use, efficient and fast, I totally recommend this one! You can order the BaByliss Curl Secret for € 90.00, and it is totally worth the money!

    Have you tried BaByliss Curl Secret? What is your favorite hair curler? Let me know!


    Una x

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