Sephora Essential Kit Review

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Sephora Essential Kit Review

    Are you looking for a great Sephora beauty gift for someone you don’t know that well, you’re uncertain about their preferences, or you just don’t have time to browse through the shops? If the answer to any of these is yes, you have to keep reading! 

    The French multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores features nearly 300 brands, along with its own private Sephora label. There are a lot of beauty sets you can find in different cosmetics stores - however, no one makes such great product combinations as Sephora does! The reason I love Sephora is that it addresses the skin care needs of every woman, and all the different sorts of beauty routines – from women who apply heavy makeup regularly, to the ones who only use minimum makeup! The beauty sets are quite affordable, and you can even find great options for under 30 euros!

    Here is why I love Sephora: 

    1.Their great samples

    Let’s admit it – Sephora is not the most affordable store, and you can easily spend a lot of money there!

    The store mainly features luxurious brands, however, before spending all your cash on face cream, I would recommend asking for a sample product and trying it out! Yes, the samples are free, and YES, you can leave Sephora with plenty of free samples! 

    To get a better idea, I suggest checking their online store, as you can find the most discounts and sample choices there!

    2. Their awesome loyalty programs

    The Beauty Insider Loyalty Program is Sephora’s free rewards program, which I would totally recommend getting if you visit the store quite often! Sephora Beauty Insiders earn one point for every dollar spent and earn free gifts as points accumulate. If in one calendar year you spend $350, you can receive extra benefits such as custom makeovers and free monthly gifts! 

    PS. If you’re not part of the Loyalty Program, you can still get an appointment for a makeup consultation, costing $50, which comes in the form of a gift card! Keep in mind that you can’t always choose the brand and color of the free gift, so you are somehow restricted!

    If you spend $1000, you receive a private beauty advisor hotline, free 2-day shipping, and invites to exclusive events. Well, of course, I am not encouraging you to spend all this money on skin care and makeup, but I thought it would be worth sharing this info! ;) 

    3. Their service

    Every time I walk into Sephora, it feels like such a great experience! I love the black and white design of the store, their employees are very laid back, and you can just walk around and try different samples. The employees will always help you but are also not pushy, so don’t worry, they won’t follow you around the store! 

    Now that you are more familiar with all the benefits that come with shopping at Sephora, let’s proceed with my review of the essential Sephora Gift Kit picks, both the ones I purchased for my friends, but also the ones I use myself! Let’s go!

    Sephora Collection Blockbuster Kit 10 Masks

    Order it here for 24.99 euros

    What can you find in the kit?

    The kit consists of different masks, both fruity, charcoal, and bubble masks. I love this offer as I love to try different face masks and I am always excited about a new flavor! 

    In the kit you can find: 

    • A green tea face mask which helps mattify small imperfections and helps you get a clean, fresh and perfectly matte skin! 
    • A grape face mask which forms a protective layer on your skin and fights against all the pollution which gets in contact with your skin
    • A coconut face mask which helps sooth your skin and has a calming effect with its tropical fragrance
    • A charcoal mask which helps cleanse and tighten your pores, purify your skin and refine the skin texture
    • A bubble mask which has a detoxifying effect helps fight against dull complexion and gives your face a brighter look and complexion 

    Besides the face masks, you will find treatment for the following: 

    • Lips: A shea lips mask which helps hydrate the lips and instantly gives you smoother lips 
    • Nose: A pineapple nose mask which minimizes pores, refines, and evens the skin texture
    • Eyes: A pair of cucumber eye masks anti-pockets which will help soothe the area and give you a more relaxed and awake look
    • Hands: A pair of avocado hands masks which intensely nourish the skin and repair and soothe weakened hands
    • Feet: A pair of feet masks which make your feet softer, more comfortable, and visibly repaired 

    For only 24.99 euros, I believe this is an amazing gift! Buy something like this for your bestie and it will bring a smile to her face! You can as well make a beauty night and have fun trying out the different products! The bubble mask and shea lips mask are my favorites, so you definitely must try them out!

    To learn how and for how long to apply each mask, you can check the details on the site with a step-by-step explanation! 

    Sephora Box Care and Makeup

    Order it here for 30,00 euros

    This Sephora Box Care and Makeup is definitely one of my favorite sets. I have received it a few months ago from my friend, but it is still available in the stores! It is a mix of the most popular beauty products in 2018, and as we all know, 2018 was an amazing year in the world of makeup – from Rihanna’s Fenty collection to Huda Beauty’s lipsticks, you’ll find it all here! 

    The box contains the following: a Fenty Beauty's Flyliner, Fenty Beauty's Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick, HUDA Lip Strobe in Fearless lipstick, Make up Forever's Artist Color eye pencil, Patchology Lip Mask, Sephora Collection Lipstories Lipstick, Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream and a TOO FACED Perfecting Primer.

    With this makeup, you’re set for the day, and you can finally find out how it is to rock all the most popular beauty products!

    Sephora My Best Red Kit

    Order it here for 35,99 euros

    Spring is the perfect season to play around with different shades of lipsticks and you definitely can’t go wrong with any shade from this Sephora Rouge Collection of 15 different lipsticks! 

    What I love about this set is that it has cream, matte, and glossy lipsticks, and since I am often so indecisive about the lipstick shade, I find this set particularly useful! 

    The shades vary from delicate pink to intense plum and timeless red, and you can either opt for a glamorous or elegant look in just a few steps! Since the lipsticks are smaller (between 3 and 3.9 grams), this also means you can easily carry a multiple of them in your small purse!

    If bought separately, the value of the lipsticks is 165 euros, so this definitely is a good deal! 

    Note: If you want to further emphasize your lips, I suggest checking Sephora’s universal Colorless Lip Pencil. This long-wearing, waterproof colorless lip pencil keeps your lipstick in place throughout the day, and you can buy it here for 8,99 euros!

    Sephora Box Sport

    Order here for 20,00 euros

    A few days ago, my friend was so excited to tell me she finally started going to dance lessons, and I really wanted to show her how proud I was, when I came across the Box Sport Set. The set consists ofInvisibobble Hair Elastics, dry hair shampoo by Amika,  hands cleansing gel by Hello Sunshine of Handy Thank you, a Toning Lotion by Collection, and the Sport Mascara Waterproof by Eyeko. 

    I really love this set and the motivating message behind it! Due to the small size of the products, you can easily put them in your gym bag, and it will help you to stay stylish and fresh before, during, and after any sports activities!

    Finally, these were my favorite Sephora kits! The kits are affordable and as they offer a variety of products, it is really exciting to play around and try each one of them! 

    I believe such kits are always a great option for a gift. However, if you would love to try something else, visit Sephora’s online store, or check the gift card deals here!

    Good luck!


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