Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Swatches: Review

Product details: Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Swatches: Review

    Are you looking to buy a Smasbox Be Legendary Lipstick

    Check this beauty review to find out all about the shades, consistency, price and more!

    About Smashbox

    Smashbox is a beauty brand born out of a real photo studio—the legendary Smashbox Studios in L.A. - and create gorgeous looks is what they do. Ps: For all those who don’t know about Smashbox, the cosmetics brand is known for empowering women everywhere to be their most kickass beautiful selves! As well, the brand does not test their products or ingredients on animals, and they won’t ask any other companies to test their products or ingredients on their behalf. 

    Well, it was about time to write a review about their products! Although they offer a variety of beauty products, they are famous for their beautiful lipsticks, and for this beauty review, I will write about the Be Legendary Lipstick Swatches! Let’s go! 

    Be Legendary Lipsticks come in a total of 114 shades, which means you will find a shade which suits your look 100%! Although this is probably one of the reasons these lipsticks are so popular, the other one is their price! You can buy these super cool lipsticks for only $21.00! Wow!

    This moisturizing cream lipstick can last up to 10-hours, according to their website. I would never really trust such claims, but still, sounds great! I have tried 5 different Be Legendary Lipsticks, and I would say the experience really varied from the shade. Although I really loved the color of each, I must say I felt as if there was a slight difference in quality between some shades. 

    Consistency:  All the shades I have tried so far feel amazing on the lips – they are ultra-soft and smooth. I feel that matte lipsticks sometimes dry out my lips, but this was really not the case with Smashbox. The creamy consistency is definitely a plus, especially if you have dry lips. I love the smooth, lightweight texture of the lipstick, and I almost don’t even feel it on my lips. The soft, moisturizing formula has shea butter, vitamin C&E, and it both softens and protects the lips. 

    Color & lasting:  I love the wide variety of colors, and I am sure everyone can find a shade they will absolutely love!  

    The color of the lipstick is long lasting, and it does not smear or fade away quickly. Most of the shades were very pigmented, however, some of them looked a bit dry, although they did not feel that way. The lipstick can last up to 5 hours, without drinking or eating, so I believe it is a good choice for special occasions where you want to look flawless all night long!

    Downsides: Although the lipsticks can last on my lips for several hours, I had another problem – 2 of my lipsticks broke after about 10 times I had used them. I found this very frustrating because I really loved the shades, but this really was such a turn-off. 

    Packaging and price: I love the Smashbox simple and neat, black, square packaging. I believe $21 is an okay price for the lipstick and its quality. As long as you hit the right shade, of course! 

    My favorite picks: 

    Smashbox Fig for the evening: Smashbox Fig is a warm plum with a cream finish, and it is a great shade for the evening. It is not too tacky, but it still has an intense pigment and it feels feather-light. It lasted about 4 hours without eating or drinking, and it did not dry my lips at all. You can buy it here!

    Sheer Nude Cream for daytime: This is my go-to shade for the day. I usually prefer applying softer shades on my lips and darker shades for the eyes, and I am generally a big fan of nude lipsticks. Recently, I wanted to find a shade which still added some color to my face and did not make me look pale. The Sheer Nude Cream is currently one of my favorite lipsticks, and it also lasts quite long! Pro tip: Combine it with a brown Smokey eye to look amazing! You can buy it here!

    Bright Orange Cream for the weekend: If you are going for a brunch with your friends, or you want to make a good impression in an effortless way, then this Bright Orange Cream is a good choice. It is a good shade for spring as it makes your face look warmer, less pale, and it gives it a fresh, youthful touch. It does feel a bit dry on my lips, however, I love the shade, and I would still recommend it! You can buy it here!

    Tip: Keep in mind that if you have smaller lips, lighter shades will fit your face better, and opposite ;)

    How to perfectly apply your lipstick: 

    No matter how great lipstick can be, if you don’t apply it properly, it won’t look good, and vice versa- a lipstick might not be amazing, but it can still look decent if perfectly applied!

    1.Apply Lip Balm/Primer 

    Before applying lipstick, I always apply a soft lip balm, or primer, because it helps smooth your lips and it reduces crevices. It also helps me apply the lipstick in an even way. I currently use this Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm by Elizabeth Arden. It has a SPF 20 and it helps keep my lips moisturized and protected. You can buy it for $ 24 here. A lot of women also apply primers, and although I usually just go for a lip balm, a good primer I would recommend is the Prep + Prime Lip by Mac. This color-free lipstick moisturizes your lips and keeps the lipstick fresh for hours. You can buy it here for $18.50. 

    2. Use a Lip Liner

    To really define the shape of your lips, or to hide some imperfections, I would always recommend using a good lip liner. Also, although this might differ per person, I often choose a color of lip liner which matches my lips, not my lipstick. I first start by making dots on the edge of the line of my lips, never outside! If you over-do it, you might end up looking like a clown. Once I am done with this, I lightly connect the dots using the lip liner. This trick has the power to completely change the way you look, so you should never skip this step!

    3.Apply your lipstick 

    To impeccably apply the lipstick, start at the center of the upper lip and move outward toward one corner. Bring the lipstick back to the center and repeat the procedure toward the other corner. Follow the same steps with the lower lip. If there are any parts you missed or failed to apply color properly, dab the lipstick with your pinky finger, and then dot the color on your lips using your finger. 

    4.Blot your lips

    I always use this trick to make my lipstick last longer: fold a tissue into half, bring it between your lips, and gently press your lips together. In this way, there is a lower chance you will transfer your lipstick onto dishes while eating! If you want to make your lipstick last even longer, put a tiny bit of powder tissue before blotting! 

    Finally, with all these tips, I am sure you will look absolutely amazing. Have you tried any Smashbox lipsticks? Curious to hear your thoughts! 




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