The Best YQG Wellness Products

Product details: essential oils, fidget jewlery, face mask

The Best YQG Wellness Products

    Jumping off my last Windsor, Ontario (YQG) beauty product video, i decided to show you guys some amazing (locally made) products in my second favourite category - wellness! Check out the amazing stores and products mentioned below: 

    Pure Mentality Products mentioned: "It's Okay To Talk About It" Unisex Tee

    Handmade with Love Fidget accessories

    Shop Eco Products mentioned: Faerhaven Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend Faerhaven Good Morning Sunshine Essential Oil Blend Faerhaven Clarity Essential Oil Blend Amal Moroccan Lava Clay


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    • Inês A Inês A :

      The Faerhaven Good Morning Sunshine Essential Oil sounds amazing!   

      1 year ago 
    • Chloee G Chloee G :

      Thanks, great review, I have some of these products) Looking for a gaming break? PSU's top student PS game picks are a must-see. Visit this site to discover the most popular titles for a study break that's both fun and refreshing.

      7 months ago 
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