ASARAI Red Clay Mask - Why Should You Buy One?

Product details: Asarai Red Clay Mask

ASARAI Red Clay Mask - Why Should You Buy One?

    I love to put face masks on when I'm trying to relax and engage in self-care. Skincare is very important to me- as I suffered from acne in my late teens- so it is crucial that I am careful with the brands and types of masks I choose to apply since there can be major and lasting consequences.  

    Why I Tried Clay Masks 

    Clay masks are a huge trend right now and are said to come with numerous benefits- including having the ability to clear skin and prevent breakouts, brighten the skin, help with hydration for dryness, can restore skin balance and, can even prevent skin related diseases. With so many advantages in one product and seeing people use clay masks all over social media, I knew I had to try it for myself.  

    How I Chose the Brand for My Clay Mask

    I found the perfect clay mask from ads on Instagram. I search a lot of skin-care related products and with IG recognizing and tracking my searches, the app was able to introduce me (through sponsored ads in my feed) to ASARAI-a very reputable and high-quality brand- and their Earth Tones Red Clay face mask. Of course before buying the product I did some research by reading many reviews, visiting their website and even watching videos on Youtube of other people trying the Earth Tones clay mask. Majority of people had nothing but good things to say about the clay mask and some even boasted about results after only a few times of use. I knew I had to get my hands on this product ASAP! 

    A Demo/Review of the Clay Mask


    The ASARAI Earth Tones Red Clay Mask

    ASARAI is an Australian based company which uses clean and organic ingredients, vegan, is cruelty free and even gives back to the planet! The brand was developed by a Naturopath and after reading the whole message of the company (wanting to aid you in achieving your highest glow and connect naturally) and what it stands for, along with the care and extremely clean and natural formula with the affordable price, I found myself ordering three bottles. One can tell the company really carries their message throughout the products they sell themselves as the packaging/bottles are chosen to be yellow to represent the warmth and brightness that is supposed to be felt with their use. 


    Key Ingredients (which each come with their own beneficial properties) in the ASARAI clay face mask include:

    - Australian Red Clay 

    - Australian White Kaolin Clay 

    - Aloe Vera Juice 

    - Rainforest Lime Fruit Extract 

    - Sunflower Seed Oil

    - Kakadu Plum 


    The ASARAI Earth Tones Red Clay face mask is available for the affordable price of $35 dollars per bottle! In addition, one bottle comes with multiple uses- as you only use a dime size amount each time.

    Where to Buy the Clay Mask

    The ASARAI Earth Tones Red Clay face mask is exclusively sold and available for purchase at https://www.asarai.com/

    My Experience with the ASARAI Clay Mask/ Conclusion 

    I would definitely recommend this product. I love putting it on as it feels amazing with its lightness and coolness on the face and it being fragrance free! The whole process is also so simple, quick (takes 15 mins max) and with no mess! The mask has never stained any of my clothing or towels and washes off very easily. I actually use it 2-3 times every week and the results have been incredible. It has helped my skin GLOW and feel very smooth. started seeing very noticeable results after 3 uses- super effective and fast working! I've read many reviews stating that people have stopped wearing makeup (like foundation and concealer) after using the ASARAI Earth Tones Red Clay Mask and I can totally see why based on how it has aided with balancing my skin tone and gotten rid of blemishes. I rarely wear foundation and now I don't even need to. You should try this clay mask regardless of your skin types/skin problems as its benefits are applicable to anyone and the product as a whole is SO worth it!

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    • Martina F Martina F :

      OMG! Tiara ! I want absolutely try this mask... thanks for your review!

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    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      wow I've never heard about this one before! would def want to try it out

      3 years ago 
    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      This is a fun alternative to the super popular Aztec Clay Mask! Will def add to my shopping list

      3 years ago 
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