7 Instagram Post Ideas

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7 Instagram Post Ideas

    I am an amateur photographer thus you can guess that Instagram is my favorite social media platform. 

    I have learned that one of the best ways to grow your Instagram community is by posting consistently (never forget about the stories).

    Instagram is the only space where I have succeeded in being consistent and I try my best not to run out of post ideas. 

    However, it's not always easy for an introvert like me who doesn't usually go out much to get those posting ideas but I almost always manage to keep up with my commitment and stay active on Instagram.

    I am not a pro but I would like to share with my tips on how to create consistent, interesting and insightful content on Instagram all the time.

    So here are 7 Instagram Post Ideas for beginners or those who run out of ideas and get a writer's block.

    1. Inspirational Quote 


    Choose a quote that can relate to you, your niche, your current mood and can let you talk to your audience and share with your experience.

    Never underestimate the importance of captions. I used to think that Instagram is more a visual space so no one cares to read your captions. 

    But I was wrong. People are curious to know the story behind each picture and this leads to more engagement and connection.

    2. Flatlay Photo  


    Flatlay photos are one of the gems of Instagram. Share with your favorite beauty, self-care, makeup products, your favorite collections, tools.

    Tell your audience where you got them from, their price, why you love them and tag the brands hoping to get noticed by them and even get a collaboration offer from them:)

    3. Selfie


    Instagram is the only place where you will be excused for posting selfies. 

    Use selfie posts for introducing yourself to your new followers, share some little-known facts from your life that might interest them, you can even make it fun by letting them guess which facts are true and which are wrong.

    Use the beautiful filters available on Instagram not to spend tons of time getting ready for a selfie:)

    4. Weekly/Monthly Post


    Plan repetitive ideas that you will post regularly. I have a post at the beginning of each month saying "Hello...". In these posts, I usually talk about my monthly goals, plans and achievements.

    You can also post whenever you reach a milestone to thank your followers, you can have regular tips and hacks posts and you can host giveaways from time to time.

    Coffee Mondays, Tips Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Follow Fridays, Social Saturdays, Self Care Sundays. These are some of the ideas. Choose the ones that best suit your niche(s).

    5. Throwbacks  


    As your followers grow day by day it's a good idea to throw an old post back that you think deserves another exposure. These may be seasonal posts that might interest your audience right at that moment. 

    You can revive your old blog posts with new graphics and images, add some backlinks and pin on Pinterest, and share on Instagram with your audience.

    6. Food


    My Instagram insights show that one of my popular posts are food-related. Instagram folk just love food. 

    Did you try, cook or taste anything new and beautiful? Don't touch it until you have taken a shot:) 

    Do you have an easy recipe? Post about it.

    Share with your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas. 

    Whenever you eat out, try to order something original, something you have never tasted, review the restaurant and the food and share your experience with your followers.

    7. And finally, signature photo


    What is your Instagram account known for? What does your bio say about you?

     Mine is definitely coffee, then photography and introversion. So at least once per week, I make it my duty to post a styled coffee photo, usually accompanied by a quote. 

    Instagram can be a hard platform to grow, there will be days you will feel like giving up unless you keep in mind the 3 P's for Success: Passion, Patience, Persistence.

    Do it with passion, don't expect overnight success, make mistakes but still keep improving.

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    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Absolutely love this post, Lusine<3 I joined Instagram only in March 2020, and I'm already up with so many awesome followers. I find it really convenient to post consistently than any other social media platforms! I'm so excited to explore more @ Instagram. Thank you for this informative and interesting post <3  

      3 years ago 
      • Lusine G Lusine G :

        Oh, thank you so much for appreciating, wish you good luck. BTW I have a freebie - 10 Instagram Engagement Tips if you are interested:) I am gonna launch it on Monday!

        3 years ago 
    • Bridgette  G Bridgette G :

      Interesting that you list all these out! There are so many types of posts that never crossed my mind before—thanks so much for sharing!

      3 years ago 
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