Have You Ever Made a Vision Board Before?

Product details: A cork board, magazines, a pair of scissors, glue or tape

Have You Ever Made a Vision Board Before?

    Have you made a vision board before? I had never made one until last weekend. I knew what it was, but always thought it was too unrealistic. I don’t know why I waited until I was 23, but maybe it’s because after graduation from university my goals and dreams are clearer than before. Now I’m at home due to this pandemic and I feel ready for it, so I prepared my first vision board last weekend. 

    The Secret

    If you haven’t watched “The Secret” yet, please watch it. I won’t say it will change your life, but it will broaden your viewpoint on some things. The Secret’s a documentary film that comprises a series of interviews with the people who experienced “the secret” in their lives. In summary, this documentary film claims that what you think/believe becomes your reality. The universe gives you what you think you deserve deep inside. Repeatedly believing in an outcome, thinking about it and sending this energy to the universe can make it happen. 

    The Law of Attraction

    Another term people learn from The Secret is “The Law of Attraction”. We can say that it’s the core of the secret. 

    In The Secret, they say that many of us leave our thoughts and emotions unchecked. Only some people are aware of the potential that they have. Our thoughts are made from pure energy. People can use this energy to improve their health, wealth or relationships. Positive energy brings positive outcomes, while negative energy brings negative outcomes into our lives. They say that we’re all like magnets attracting what we think or believe consciously or unconsciously into our lives. We send out our thoughts and emotions to the universe and attract more of what we have sent. Then once you understand the mystery of the Law of Attraction, then you become a holder of the secret. You have learned how effective it is. You are ready to apply these to your life and form your future. 

    What’s a Vision Board?

    A vision board’s a concrete way to visualize your goals and dreams. The interviewed people in The Secret suggest preparing your vision board to carry out the Law of Attraction. With a vision board, you can set clear goals for what you want in your life. So, you can focus on your intentions and gear your actions toward achieving them. 

    A vision board helps you to narrow down your desires. You visualize the things you want to see in your life. The board reminds you of your goals and keeps you on track. Seeing your desires will make you think about them. Thinking about them means that you’re sending these intentions (energy) to the universe and attracting them to your life.

    How to Make Your Vision Board?

    You Need:

    -A cork board, a piece of cardboard or paper


    -Your computer

    -A pair of scissors

    -Glue or tape

    1- Define Your Goals and Dreams:

    Think about your ideal life. What do you want to achieve for your future self? What are your dreams and goals? What do you desire for your career, family life, love life, health and free time? Where do you want to see yourself in the future? Think about all these questions and create an image on your mind. These may be your desires for the next year or ten years later. Don’t limit yourself. 

    After deciding what you want, it’s better to note them down, so you will not forget anything.

    2- Get Your Supplies:

    To create a vision board, you will need pictures. You can use magazines, newspapers, photographs, flyers, websites or anything you want. I used Pinterest and I highly recommend it, as it has lots of lots of inspiring and motivating images. Also, you can find anything from the search button. 

    3- Choose the Images

    This is my favorite step. Choose the images that speak to you, the ones that you can imagine are a part of your future life. If you see a picture of a house, imagine yourself living in it. Do the same for that car you like or that inspiring quote. Yes, you can also choose quotes or words. The only limit is your imagination. Just imagine your future self and choose the best pictures or words that represent your goals and desires. 

    4- Handiwork

    In this step, you will be mapping your vision board. Print and cut out the images and words you chose. First place them on your board and arrange them how you like. The board’s appearance is totally up to you. Let your creativity shine and create a collage out of your images. The thing you place on the vision board need to mirror your desires. That’s the aim! Whenever you feel ready, glue down the pictures and words. Now write the date on the back of your vision board. 

    5- Let Your Dreams Come True

    Now your vision board is ready! What you want to achieve is clearer now, isn’t it? At least this’s how it worked for me. Now, it’s easier for me to focus on my goals. 

    Everyday, take a look at your vision board and imagine yourself enjoying that new job or new car that you want. It’s better to leave your board where you can easily see it. Believe, visualize and affirm. Believe that car will be yours. Visualize yourself in your new job. Affirm that you will go to that country for your holiday. 

    After years have passed, it will be interesting to take a look at the date on the back of your board and check what you have achieved since then. Most importantly, don’t push yourself for anything. Remember that you are like a magnet and you attract what you believe, think and imagine. 

    I had fun while preparing mine. I hope you will too! It motivates me when I see my vision board in my room everyday. 

    If you want to learn more about The Secret and The Law of Attraction, here are some helpful links for you. I’m also adding the full movie. :) 

    Original Website: https://www.thesecret.tv/

    Movie: //www.youtube.com/embed/mjmK8aJu5Qg?wmode=transparent 

    Law of Attraction: //www.youtube.com/embed/5qSoTu4u6fM?wmode=transparent

    • Charlotte S Charlotte S :

      This was so interesting to read. I see a lot of people talking about how they put their desires into the universe and in some cases, they achieve their desires. It's so true what you said "positivity brings positive outcomes and negativity brings negative outcomes". I spent a lot of time doubting myself which led to poor productivity. Now, I'm trying to believe in myself more. Thank you so much for sharing this post and reminding us all of the power of attraction!!

      4 years ago 
    • Karina E Karina E :

      Love it! I love vision boards and can't wait to update my 2021 vision board when 2020 was such a failure in almost every possible way hahaha! 

      3 years ago 
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