How to Gain Pinterest Monthly Impressions by 280% for Free

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How to Gain Pinterest Monthly Impressions by 280% for Free

    As many top sites have said before, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for bloggers and business owners. It is more than just another social media site. All in all, Pinterest is a search engine in itself. By far, mid-July to mid-August has been my best month ever for Pinterest analytics. In just one month, I managed to increase my monthly impressions by 280%, my total audience by 332%, my engagements by 105%, and my engaged audience by 125%. All with organic Pins and without having to pay for ads or Tailwind! If you’re looking to increase traffic through Pinterest, keep scrolling to learn how to gain Pinterest monthly impressions by 280% for free!

    How to Gain Pinterest Monthly Impressions by 280% for Free

    Plan Pins ahead of time.

    First of all, you must plan your Pins ahead of time if you want to gain Pinterest monthly impressions. Since Pinterest is a search engine, you want to focus on SEO. Pay attention to trending topics through Pinterest Trends and Google Trends. Research the right keywords with Google Ads to optimize your audience and customer reach. When it comes to planning, I create and plan my Pins a month at a time. Then I use Later to schedule my Pins to be automatically posted. Planning my posts for the entire month saves so much time and allows me to focus on engaging with my audience.

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    Post consistently.

    Next, the key to gaining Pinterest monthly impressions is consistent posting. Recently, I started taking Pinterest more seriously. Every day, I aim to post 10-15 Pins. I follow other people on Pinterest and re-post their Pins. Also, I create my organic Pins using Canva and schedule them with Later. If you have a Pinterest Business account, creating Story Pins and videos will gain more impressions and engagement. Another key to consistency is staying on brand with all your posts.

    Cross-promote your content.

    Lastly, cross-promoting your content helps gain Pinterest monthly impressions. As a blogger or business owner, you should utilize all your social media channels. Whenever I plan my Pins on Later, I also schedule them to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, I promote my LIKEtoKNOW.it images on Pinterest whenever I publish them. When you cross-promote your content, you’re maximizing the number of times your posts will be seen. Also, it establishes your brand and authority across social media.

    In a nutshell, that’s how I increased my Pinterest monthly impressions by 280%. I created my organic pins and stories with Canva. I scheduled and cross-promoted my posts with Later. On top of that, I followed other bloggers and shared their pins. With much consistency and patience, I eventually improved my analytics. And you can, too!

    What have you done to gain Pinterest monthly impressions?

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