How To Revamp Lace Front Wigs

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How To Revamp Lace Front Wigs

    If you have an old wig collecting dust at home, you’re not alone. And if you’re planning on getting rid of them because they are too old, hear this before you bin it. Having good hair days every day is the nicest feeling until your wig loses its shine and it starts to frizz. With the right tips and tricks, you can bring your old Lace Front Wigs back to life. Follow these steps to get started with revamping your old wig back to life:

    #1. Detangle The Knots 

    Get a paddle brush to detangle knots

     If you own curly wigs or wavy wigs and haven’t used them for a long time, they start to tangle. The knots might be so bad that it appears difficult to unravel them. Paddle brushes are what comes in handy and can do the task in minutes. Paddle brushes are gentle to the hair and can remove the tangles with minimal damage. 

    #2. Moisturize Your Wig 

    Keep your wig hydrated 

     Dampen your wig with lukewarm water. Make sure the water you're using for cleaning your wig is soft as opposed to hard water. Hard water can be very damaging for the wig in the long run. So, dampen your hair with soft water to open up the cuticles and allow the nutrients and products to penetrate deeply. However, don't use too much water near the roots because it will loosen the knots. 

    #3. Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Deep condition your wig frequently

     A simple deep conditioning treatment can solve a lot of problems. This is the simplest way to moisturize the fibers in your hair weave and reduce frizziness. Whether it's an old synthetic wig or a human hair lace front wig, you must ensure it is soft and smooth. Most importantly, whenever you apply a leave-in conditioner to a wig, allow it to air dry for best results.

    If you use virgin hair lace front wigs, make sure to use chemical-free products because they are vulnerable and must be handled with care.

    #4. Let It Air Dry 

    Use a plastic cap to make the conditioner work well

    Allow the deep conditioning to work while you allow it to air dry. Using heat-styling tools on your human hair wigs can cause significant damage. This could be the cause of hair falls clogging the drain while washing your hair. Wrap plastic around the hair to secure the heat and allow the treatment to work through the hair shafts.

    #5. Rinse The Wig 

    Rinse it with lukewarm water 

    After rinsing the wig with room temperature water, give it a cold wash. Washing your hair with cold water is important because it prevents frizz and breakage. It also aids in the closure of the hair's cuticles and the preservation of moisture.

    As you can see, there are so many ways to restore old wigs; however, if your wig is beyond repair, nothing can make it last any longer. Indique hair Black Friday Sale could be your next hair boutique if you're looking for high-quality lace front wigs. 

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