Perfumes: Trends of This Season & Tips on Finding Your Scent

Product details: Fall and Winter Fragrances

Perfumes: Trends of This Season & Tips on Finding Your Scent

    A guide to finding your perfume:

    If you don’t wear perfume and struggle to find your perfect scent, here you will find a couple of tips in order to ease this process. It is a quite important and time-consuming journey, but when you find “your” smell, you will feel comfortable and people will start relating the smell you chose to you. 

    Right now, let’s start our research with thinking about the smells we like. Think about your day, your vacation, or a place you like, what comes up in your memories? Maybe you like the citrus smell of limes in summer, or maybe you like the nutty smell of your favorite cake. Is it a smell of burning wood of a fireplace? Or, possibly, the cinnamon coffee scent?

    Now, you know what scents appeal better for you. From here, based on your taste and the preferences we found out, you can go to the perfume store and start smelling, smelling, smelling! ?

    1. Smell

    The first step in finding your perfect scent is having a good sample of them. Start with a visit to a perfume store, consult with a salesperson, and smell multiple perfumes. Take breaks and smell coffee in between the perfumes, which will help you “reset” your scent indicators. 


    In the process of smelling a scent, try to analyze it. What do you smell? Is it an orange, hibiscus, or chocolate? How would you describe it? Is it smoky, woody, floral, or sweet? Make notes on which ingredients you like, and it will be easier to come up with your perfect combination.

    3.Give it a chance

    When you selected the perfume you think you like, spray it onto your wrist and leave it there. In this case, the smell will have a chance to “open up” and you will be able to understand if you like it after several hours of wearing it. 

    4.Start with lighter scents

    Start with smelling and trying the lighter scents, gradually moving towards the heavier ones. Starting with the latter or trying different ones at the same time might discourage you and confuse your scent indicator. 

    If you still struggle or unsure about your research, Boots has created a Fragrance Finder. Answering a couple of questions, you can see what they picked for you.

    But which perfume scents are suitable for Autumn and Winter?

    As each season brings different feelings and emotions so there are specific scents that fit and add more to them. While Spring and Summer are more fresh and flowery, Fall and winter are dedicated to the rich and warm scents featuring citrusy, sweet and spicy blends. 


    Autumn is the season of colors- a beautiful warm blend of red-, orange-, brownish shades.  Therefore this is the season of rich, deep and saturated scents featuring spicy and musky notes. The most common Fall fragrances consist of deep sandalwood and musk, rich warm amber, and fresh jasmine. 


    When we think of Winter, the first thing we think about is warm cinnamon, nutmeg and fragrant orange/ clementine. This is the season of rich spices and fresh citrus fruit- beautiful blends that reminiscent of the warm and cozy Christmas holidays. The most common aromas are defined by vanilla bean, lemon and orange. Additionally, you can find some hints of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, star anise, etc. 

    What is trendy this Fall?

    Top fragrances for women this fall season are:

    • Luis Vuitton Attrape- Reves- fresh and spicy: bergamot, ginger, lychee and Turkish rose. Luis Vuitton webpage 240$;
    • Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum- sweet vanilla and soft fruit.  Macy's 106$;
    • Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle Eau de Parfum- rose petals, tuberose, amber. Nordstrom 70$;
    • Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori- woodier,ginger, rose, patchouli and fruity. Sephora 34$;
    • Miu Miu Fleau D’ Argent – lily, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. Classic and feminine. Sephora 99$.

    Table: Favorite fragrances with prices

    BrandWhere to buyPrice

    BULGARI Omnia Indian Garnet Jewel Charms Collection



    BULGARI Omnia Paraiba Jewel Charms Collection



    Dior J'Adore

    Armani Code for Her



    Bruno Banani Magic Woman


    And which are your favorite fragrances this Autumn?   



    • Silvia C Silvia C : Thanks for the perfume suggestions, I was just looking for a new fragrance. Right now, I'm really vibing on Tom Ford White Suede, but these fall fragrances sound delicious!
      5 years ago 
    • Petya I Petya I : I myself was looking for a new fragrance for this Autumn actually. Yes, I also fancy Tom Ford's fragrances- Lost Cherry is also good. ☺️
      5 years ago 
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