Sheet Masks Guide: Benefits, Tips, and Favorites

Product details: Sheet Face Masks

Sheet Masks Guide: Benefits, Tips, and Favorites

    Korean Beauty Trend

    This year Korean sheet masks have become viral among the online communities. There are so many different kinds out there that sometimes it is actually difficult to choose. There is something for every skin type and condition. 

    But let’s start with the essentials:


    What is a sheet mask and how does it actually work?

    Initially, sheet face masks may seem like sheet fabrics soaked in different nutrition serums but they are much more. They all have their unique features and benefits for your skin. They are quite easy and fun to use and don’t require any extra effort. The only thing you have to do is just apply it on your face and leave it for about 20-30 min depending on the mask while doing your favorite things. Although they are all the same size and form, it is quite easy to fit it no matter the shape of your face. 

    Tip: When applying the sheet mask, start from the forehead because it is easier to adjust it to your face shape and fit it properly. 

    The homeland of the sheet face masks is South Korea, the mecca of cosmetics and skincare. Recently, they’ve grown a huge popularity worldwide, especially in the US, changing the whole beauty industry. 

    So how do they work?

    All sheet face masks are soaked with a concentrated serum which has different beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants. As a result of the sheet fabrics, the serum is absorbed more easily from the skin and provides instant results. 

    Tip: For better results, after removing the sheet mask from your face massage the rest of the serum onto your skin instead of washing it off.

    There are so many different types out there at the moment- from regular moisturizing and firming to playful pattern-like smoothing and holographic brightening. 


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    Types of sheet face masks

    1. Microfiber Sheet Mask

    These are the most common sheet face masks. The microfiber fabrics give a cotton-like feeling. Therefore they are also called cotton sheet masks. They are one of the cheapest types with a huge variety of botanical ingredients and vitamins for the different skin types and conditions. 


    2. Hydrogel Mask

    They are made of a slick material - 100% skin-benefitting ingredients. That is why they seal the moisture better and stick to the face much easier. Now you can even create your very own gel sheet mask with a special sheet mask machine that went viral on the Internet this year. 

    sheet mask machine 


    3. Bio-Cellulose Mask

    An all natural fiber- it’s literally made from (good) bacteria. They usually give better results than the microfiber ones because they don’t allow the ingredients to evaporate as quickly. 


    4. Foil Sheet Mask

    These are very good at sealing the nourishing ingredients because the aluminum foil cover on the outside doesn’t allow any evaporation. Therefore the entire duration of the mask treatment, your mask is as if it was just removed from the package. These sheet masks are more expensive than the regular microfiber ones. 


    5. Knit Mask

    These sheet masks are 100% knitted cotton to provide better results. It will help your skin absorb and keep the moisturizing beneficial ingredients faster. These masks are usually meant for full facial treatment so they are bigger and cover your neck as well. 

    500 THEFACESHOP 3D Ampoule Mask Sheet.jpg

    6. Ampoule Sheet Mask

    This type is applied in two steps. First, you have an ampoule with a serum that you massage onto your skin. When it is absorbed well, you apply the sheet mask and leave it for as long as it is required so that the different beneficial contents can work on your skin. 


    7. Clay and Charcoal Sheet Mask

    You will immediately know them- they have deep black color. They are enriched with either clay or charcoal for the different beneficial effects. They usually contain microparticles but they stay very smooth on your face. These sheet masks are meant mainly for detoxifying, purifying or firming of your skin. 


    8. Bubble Sheet Mask

    The bubble masks are enriched with charcoal for deep detox of your skin. They bubbles effect comes from the sparkling water they contain. The air contact triggers the bubbling effect from the sparkling water and the other foaming ingredients so that a foam layer is formed on the outer part of the sheet when applied on the face. This foam layer you can use to massage onto your skin for extra treatment. 


    9. Rubber Mask

    Rubber masks remind of the hydrogel masks because of the same slick texture but they come with a separate ampoule for more efficient treatment. First, you apply the ampoule and then seal the beneficial nutrients. 


    10. Fun Pattern-like Sheet Masks

    These are a combination of microfiber or folie-like sheets with different patterns and pictures for a more fun and enjoyable experience.

    Popular and favorite sheet masks:


    Holler and Glow Sheet Masks from Primark 

    Price? 3-4€

    Where to buy? Primark

    • The animal-face masks;
    • The pattern masks;
    • The gold and silver holographic masks;
    • The unicorn masks;
    • The universe masks;


    PS... Shine Bright K*POPfrom Primark 

    Price? 3€

    Where to buy? Primark

    • K*POP- various kinds

    Dr. Jart

    Price? 8.99-10.99€

    Where to buy? Sephora

    • Rubber mask 10.99€; 
    • Rubber Masque Shake- 8.99€;
    • Ultra Jet Solution Masks 5.99€.

    The Crème Shop

    Price? 3-10$

    Where to buy? The Creme Shop webpage

    • Microfiber Masks- various kinds 3-10$;
    • 24K Gold Mask- 6$.

    Miss Spa

    Price? 10$

    Where to buy? Amazon

    • Microfiber masks- various kinds 10$


    Uncle Bud’s Hemp

    Price? Package of 6= 15.99$

    Where to buy? Amazon

    • Belize seaweed and hemp seed oil detoxifying sheet mask 

    Burt’s bees

    Price? 2.99$

    Where to buy? Amazon

    • 99% Natural Microfiber Sheet Masks- various kinds 


    Love Beauty and Planet 

    Price? 3-4€

    Where to buy? Etos

    • Vegan and Paraben-free Microfiber sheet Masks-various kinds

    To go back to the topic, I am absolutely in love with the sheet face masks because they are so much easier to use, less time-consuming and much more efficient. 

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experience with the sheet face masks! And which are your favorites?



    • Una  O Una O : The Foil Sheet mask is my favorite! It makes my skin look beautiful :) would recommend to everyone! Thanks for the tips xxx
      5 years ago 
    • Petya I Petya I : I've never tried the foil one but I love the Holler and Glow masks and The Creme Shop ones. 😍
      5 years ago 
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