Summer Jewelry Trends & How to Make Martha Calvo Dupes

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Summer Jewelry Trends  & How to Make Martha Calvo Dupes

    Have you seen the fun and colorful beaded jewelry items taking over the internet? If you have it’s very likely they’re all pieces from the same designer... Martha Calvo


    Martha Calvo is a jewelry designer based in Miami Florida. She first created her brand in 2006 and has been growing ever since. On her store site she describes her pieces as the “perfect balance of edgy elegance to street chic sophistication with a sprinkle of glam to any accessory that can be worn for any occasion, day or night” 


    Yes, the brand has been around since 2006 and is a brand “worn by many celebrities and adored by the Kardashians,” we cannot negate the influence of young Tik Tokers that are on the hunt for new unique pieces and their more affordable alternatives. In the case of Martha Calvo, finding alternatives is easy. I think the reason her necklaces are so popular right now is because they give the impression of being fun and carefree. As things start to open up here in the US, everyone is embodying this mentality, and it's clear through their way of dressing. 

    When I look at her pieces I can't help but remember my days going to summer camp and making embroidery thread friendship braces and chunky beaded necklaces or bracelets. Given that Summer 2021 has fewer restrictions than Summer 2020, people also want to make fashion statements. Accessories are the easiest way. Still not sure if you could pull off Martha Calvo designs and don't want to drop 150+ dollars, make your own. The process is simple! You only need the following materials: 


    Colorful Beads/Filler Beads 


    Wire or Elastic 

    Jewelry Making Pliers 

    • This is optional. You can easily use tweezers and the scissors open/close jump rings and crimp beads.


    You can easily find fun beads at your local craft stores like MichaelsHobby Lobby, or Joann’s. I even recommend checking your thrift stores for fun & vintage beads. 


    The instructions from the video below are pretty simple and much clearer than if I were to give written instructions


    Not only does Emily give great instruction, but also provides a good review of the materials she used and material recommendations.

    One important tip you definitely should keep in mind is to visualize the bead pattern you want for your necklace before stringing them so you don't have to remake the necklace, but feel free to just go with the flow that is part of crafting after all. 


    When you go to your craft store to buy materials, you will see that most of the beads come in packages of larger quantities. Definitely more than what you will need for the 1 or 2 necklaces you may want to make. I recommend that you make it an opportunity to make bracelets or necklaces with your friends the same way you might have done when you were younger. 


    In general, Martha Calvo isn’t the only brand that has grown a lot over the past few months. A ton of other brands with fun beads and more eclectic designs have started to appear more and more on my Instagram Feed via fashion influencers and on Pinterest. Some of the brands I have been particularly been loving are 

    Hola Amor Estudios 

    Lil Things Shop 

    Lazy Disco

    The Sage Vintage 

    Take a look at their accounts and you will see that they also include funky beads, bright colors, and unique charms, so you can use your leftover beads from making your Martha Calvo dupes to make dupes of the brands I mentioned above

    The best part about making these pieces yourself is that you will know they are unique and because they are such statement pieces they are great conversation starters and elevate any outfit. While these pieces remind me of summer camp, I definitely picture myself wearing these pieces in the winter because once the seasonal sadness of dark skies and cold weather hits I can rely on the fun colors to try and brighten my mood. 


    To make beaded earrings, just follow the instruction from the video below


    Personally, these earrings look a little outdated but swap out the beads featured in the video for trendier options and you’re all set. Also, FP User Alyvia is right hoops are in! Read her post here. So instead of using the hooks find some from jewelry-making on Etsy

    Let me know if you try making any of these pieces or other fun jewelry brands! 

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      Wow, Rosalia! I knew about this trend for the summer... good to know that is so easy to create a necklace also at home!    I will try for sure!   

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      Wow so pretty and trendy!! I am for sure going to try this 

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