25 Things to Do Before Turning 25

    Do you believe in a bucket list where you write 25 things to do before 25? Cause I do.

    In September 2022, I'm going to be 25. Plus, we are in July, which means it's only five months to see fireworks and listen to people congratulating each other. Five months to write "New Year Resolutions" and check those that we reached. Five months to accomplish goals and allow ourselves to finish the year with the right foot.

    There are so many things I want to accomplish before I become a year older. So many goals and dreams to achieve.
    Have you ever felt like it’s so little time and so much to do? Cause I have. There are hundreds of things I want to achieve, and I’ve written them down. Something you should do!

    Keep something in mind, it’s July, we have half of the year ahead, so if you want to write your goals now, do it! There’s not a specific date to write down goals nor accomplish them. It’s never too late to think about them!

    That’s why I’m sharing these 25 things to do before 25. It’s so you can be creative and think about your dreams once again!

    So here we go!

    25 things to do before 25

    1. Organize a trip with friends.

    My friends and I have been together since high school, and can you believe that we've never made a trip together? It’s been more than eight years of friendship, and we’ve never gone anywhere!

    I graduated from college, and they’ll be graduating next year, so I want to make something special with them. I want to go to the beach or visit another city. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something special! I want to have some good memories with them before we go different ways.

    Yes, it is sad that we waited almost a decade to make fun of things because we're the type that worries a lot about grades. So you don't be like us, enjoy your school days!

    2. Grow my blog

    I started this blog in October 2020, right when everything fell over me. I forgot to post and didn't promote as much as I needed. That's why my goal right now is to reach 20k pageviews before the year ends.

    It's possible, and I know it. Just a little bit of effort and organization, right?

    3. Meet new people

    Being the introvert type with a personality disorder is not easy. It is so hard for me to make friends, in person, on an app, wherever! I’m telling you, I panic when people approach me!!

    This is why I want to meet at least three new people and hang out with them. I know it may sound dumb, but getting to know someone is hard for me, so I want to change that.

    4. Be healthier and love me more

    Do you know that moment when you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Well, that’s me right now.

    I always tell people they should love themselves and fight to be the person they want to be. However, I don't do anything it takes to be who I want.

    I want to lose weight, have a healthier body, and ignore everyone's comments. Just be happy with the person I see in the mirror every single day. And I know, that someday, I’ll wake up and be happy with the person I’ve become.

    5. Be more consistent with my skincare

    These days my skin has broken out so bad. The stress of my French classes and the job I hate have been a bomb for me and my health.

    I have a skincare routine, which has helped me with my acne, but I always forget it exists!

    I need to be more consistent, not only with that but with the things I do, too! So, before I turn 25, I want to have baby skin and be happy with it!

    6. Donate blood

    Almost 24 years old, and I've never donated blood. And it cannot be out of my "25 things before 25" list because I want to do something new and special!!

    I even think I'll be doing it in a couple of weeks. Do you want to join me? Let’s try it! Do it, and send me a DM on my Instagram so we can share our experiences!!

    7. Visit five of the Dominican Republic hidden gems

    Lately, I've been thinking about all those beautiful places in my country that people don't talk about. And even though I want to visit all of them, I'm planning to go to at least five before September next year.

    Maybe a river, a beach, or a museum no one talks about. I just know I want to visit every single corner of my country before going to any other.

    8. Create a 30-day gratitude challenge

    Anxiety has taken over me these months. I always let bad things overwhelm me, so I want to create a challenge like this. That way, I can remember there are things worth fighting for.

    September 2021 is the month I’ll be taking to accomplish this goal. Want to be part of it? Let me know in the comments, or subscribe to my email list, and I’ll be sending you the challenge right to your inbox!

    9. Go camping at the beach

    I've always wanted to go camping. Specifically, go camping at the beach.

    I’ve never done it because my grandpa lives near the beach, and my dad always thought it was a waste of time to do this "cause we had a house to stay in".

    However, sleeping with the beautiful sky over us and waking up to a gorgeous sunrise at the beach are the best things in the world! And I’m dying to do it!

    10. See a sunrise/sunset with my boyfriend

    Let's take the camping experience to see a sunset and a sunrise! It's been my dream since I was a little girl, so I won't lose this opportunity.

    11. Get my DELF B2 diploma

    I'm on my last steps to becoming B2 in French, and I expect to get that diploma before I’m 25.

    Learning languages is one of my favorite things to do, and finishing French will allow me to fall in love with a new one. The more, the better for me!

    12. Speak 5 languages fluently

    One of my goals has ever been “5 before 25”. Meaning I wish to be able to speak 5 languages before I turned 25.

    Right now, I’m in language #4, so I have one more on the way!

    Now, you might think it’s impossible to speak one language fluently in a year, but it’s not! I’ve developed some strategies to become a better language learner! Plus, with discipline and organization, anything is possible!

    13. Quit my job

    With growing my blog comes also quitting my job. The past few months doing something I hate, have made thought about not wanting to work for anyone.

    I want to make my blog an online business where I can live happily, not thinking about doing something someone else wants.

    Mental peace is my main goal, and alongside comes being able to do something I love every day.

    I’ve cried too much this past year not to do what my soul's made for.

    14. Have a road trip with my boyfriend

    My boyfriend recently got a car, and I’m dying to go on a trip with him!

    I want to go to the east side of my country where I’ll visit some hidden gems and some of the most visited beaches.

    I even have the itinerary for that weekend!

    Yes, that excited I am.

    15. Get a piercing

    I wanna pierce my ears, both of them. End of the story.

    16. Move completely alone

    I live out of my parents’ house right now, but I have a roommate. And before I turn 25, I want to live alone.

    I want the privacy and freedom of a person who lives by themselves. Plus, do you imagine me living alone and working on my blog for a living? Man! That’s all I want in life!

    17. Travel Abroad

    I’ve never gone out of the country! I want to go to Colombia and Mexico so bad. And, when I had money, I couldn't go because *ejem* A PANDEMIC CAME!

    18. Be mentally stable

    I’m trying hard with this one. I’m going to therapy and working hard to have a positive mindset. However, there are still downhills in my life that aren’t the normal “it’s okay not to be okay”. That’s why by the age of 25, I want to be able to fight my intrusive thoughts with no problem and don’t let them hurt me.

    19. Exercise every day

    This one goes with being a healthier person. I’m always motivated the night before, but when the truth comes, I can't get up from bed!

    So, for the next few months, I want to be better at waking up early and exercising. I mean, it’s not that hard, is it?

    20. Have more dates with myself

    Something I’ve learned in my mental health journey is to have dates with myself. I need to understand how to be alone and enjoy my own company more often.
    For this reason, I need to go on dates a bit more often. Maybe go for a walk at the park or to eat ice cream, even coffee is fine for me. The goal is to be comfortable with me and my thoughts.

    21. Grow my Instagram account

    With growing my online business also comes growing my Instagram account. And I’m not talking about getting thousands of followers, but building a community. A safe place where everyone and be themselves and we can have great moments together!

    22. Host a Podcast

    Yeah, lots of things here. But I’ve always wanted to host my podcast! I don’t know about what, though. I just know I want to have one!!

    23. Have a more sustainable lifestyle

    This one mustn’t be out of my 25 things to do before 25 since I’m growing as a person. And by doing that, I want to be a lot more sustainable.

    I still have a long way to go before I’m a great environmentalist, but baby steps also count!

    24. Be more disciplined

    I’m productive and organized. However, when I’m not motivated, I don’t do absolutely anything. And as a person who wants to make a living blogging, I need to learn how to be more disciplined.

    25. Read 50 books

    I used to be the type of girl that reads 3 books in a week. Being surrounded by books had always been my dream. However, due to the depression I had, I stopped both reading and writing poetry. Therefore, I want to get my reading habit back!

    And that’s it! These are my 25 things to do before 25. I hope this post helps as an inspiration to write your list!
    Let me know in the comments which ones you want to do! And which ones do you want to do but aren’t on this list!

    And don't forget to my blog if you want more inspiration! 

    • Tiara M Tiara M :

      This motivated me to make my own list of things I want to achieve before a certain age!! I hope you get to cross off everything on your list :)

      2 years ago 
    • Daniela A Daniela A :

      I'm so glad it motivated you! And thank you for your good wishes! 

      2 years ago 
    • Hello D Hello D :

      Ugh I wish I could’ve done half of these things but you’ve definitely inspired me to go for some of these myself! I’ll be 25 in just over 4 months so unfortunately I don’t have much time to accomplish a significant amount, but it doesn’t matter because there’s no rush! What matters is that it happens. Thank you for the inspiration! I’ll definitely be pushing my blog more too! 

      1 year ago 
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