3 Simple Ways How You Can Find Your Creativity

3 Simple Ways How You Can Find Your Creativity

    The word creativity is my superpower, not because I was born with it! But because I found my creative voice by working hard towards it every single day!  The first step to find your creativity or the creative voice is by learning more about yourself, by becoming more self-aware, and by getting to know about yourself a bit more than others.

    There's a fixed mindset about creativity, that have the deep-seated belief, that only few people are born with natural creative talents, and not everyone!  But after reading this amazing book called, 'Creative Confidence,' by authors Tom Kelly and David Kelly, I've started to believe that, anybody can make "creative choices" to understand and solve their problems.

    This post is inspired by my next eBook, that's coming soon on my blog, The Positive Window this summer. 

    Creativity is not a natural phenomenon. It can be developed and improved by working more towards it. The more you exercise your creativity, the stronger it gets! 

    I was lucky to be born with natural creativity, because the legacy was passed on to me from my mother. But I had no idea about my gifted skills until I started working for more hours to understand what I want to do and why. Once I was convinced about the answers to these questions, I looked for ways to do my "how"? 

    In this post today, I'm going to show you some easy ways how you can find your creativity, and connect with yourself. You know why? Because we are all creative. Creativity can completely change your life, and can help you bring more positivity in your days, and for the choices you make. 

    Ever since I've learned to reconnect with my creative side, I've experienced life unfolding to me in an interesting way. I created every single day, because it was fun and fulfilling for me. It was my freedom. It was empowering. And that alone was enough.

    If you're still wondering how to awaken your creative side, then go beyond your talent and practice. Practice what you want to do, or want to get better at. Practice like you really want to do it, because practice sharpens your talent.

    Just the way I was able to give my creative self a nudge to be awake after many dormant years, I am excited to share all the 3 important steps that will help you to find your creativity. This post may be just what you need to ditch your fear and return to your joy. 

     1. Learn From Other "Creators." 

    To give your creativity a boost, try to learn from other creators, who are in that same field that you're attracted towards! You don't need to reinvent something out-of-box to get started, just be an observer, learn and collaborate with similar interest communities, and test some "tried-and-true" formats that already exist. 

    Learning from others has always helped me to find out more about myself. Books, videos, and blogposts were of great help to me to rediscover my passion, and to continue doing what I love the most.  Lately, I've been into lots of collaborations with other creators, who I find interesting and inspiring. The more I talk to them, listen to them, and spend more time to understand their way of working, I find new ideas emerging from my head. I find the courage and the reasons that helps me keep going and creating every single day in my life. 


    2. Find Your 'Why?'

    This is a very important question, that can help you rethink everything. Finding you why will help you to discover your purpose. 

    A clear sense of purpose allows you to focus all your energy into what matters the most. This gives you the courage to take risks and push forward regardless of the unknown fears, odds, and obstacles.

    By finding why you want to purse your creative dreams, you get a clear picture of why you want to do what you want to do?

    3. Identify what sparks joy and the sense of fulfillment in you.

    Something that sparks joy in you ideally means, something that you really love and enjoy doing. Identifying what fills the space of our heart and mind with what sparks joy, can actually help us understand what career we should choose, what project we should work on, and how we can apply this to   the work we choose to do.

    When you turn your focus around to gain deeper insight on yourself, you understand the bigger perspective of what is your purpose here, and what is that you want to [have to] offer to this world. By reflecting on the questions like:

    Q1. What makes me come alive?

    Q2. What makes me unique and different?

    Q3. What gives me meaning?

    Q4. What makes me fulfilled? 

    Q5. What are my innate strengths?

    Q6. Where do I add the most value?

    Q7. What environments I'm naturally drawn to?

    Q8. How much do I know about myself and my greatest strengths? etc., you can find your creative outlet, and can decide on your creative career. 

    Creativity is the best medium for self-expression; no matter what you choose. Allow yourself to feel the joy and the thrill of your total freedom of expression, without worrying about any kind of judgements. 

    As long as you feel absolute happiness and excited about creating whatever you're creating, you're doing it right. 

    No matter what creative outlet you choose, in order to find your creative spark, and to continue as a "creator," you can always decide the things that you want to do, that brings you joy, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. 

    So do not forget to think yourself as creative, because you just discovered how to find your creativity by doing different things. It need not have to be only artistic to be creative!    

    Main Image Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

    • Martina F Martina F :

      Epsita, thanks for your advices! I will follow your questions to understand better myself     

      3 years ago 
      • Epsita M Epsita M :

        Thank you so much, Martina! I'm so happy to hear that <3 Thank you for your support-always!! 

        3 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Epsita, these are wonderful tips & questions to ask yourself! I would also add here start doing visual research and observe what you lean towards. And, start by doing  

      3 years ago 
      • Epsita M Epsita M :

        Thank you so much, Julia!      I love those tips. Thank you for sharing. So true!

        3 years ago 
    • Teresa . Teresa . :

      I absolutely loved this post. I think we all can be creative - we just need to find what creativity means to each of us. 

      Esterella | esterella.co.uk

      3 years ago 
    • Tiara M Tiara M :

      I found this post to be extremely helpful and I will definitely be asking myself those questions about what sparks me joy and gives me fulfillment to understand myself better and release my creativity!

      3 years ago 
      • Epsita M Epsita M :

        Thank you so much, Tiara <3<3  I'm so happy to hear that you could relate to this post. Yes! Those questions helped me to reflect on my life and the choices I made along the way in my creative journey. I hope they help you too!

        3 years ago 
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