5 Outstanding Reasons to Switch from Tampons to a Menstrual Cup

5 Outstanding Reasons to Switch from Tampons to a Menstrual Cup

    Do you know what happens to your tampon after you throw it away? It goes into a landfill and pollutes our environment. What’s even worse about tampons is that they can harm you! If you keep it in your body for too long it may cause Toxic Shock. This is why more and more women are ditching tampons and switching to menstrual cups. 

    Menstrual cups are cylinders made from medical grade silicone, thermoplastic elastomer or latex. They are reusable and can last for 5-10 years. Menstrual cups collect fluids. You only need to empty it every 12 hours. t. You wash the cup with the soap and then just reinsert it. Simple as that!

    1. Environment friendly

    The average woman uses about 11,000 tampons during her life. That’s a lot of tampons to end up in the landfill or pollute the ocean. Almost all tampons don't biodegrade which is real trouble for wildlife. In terms of environmental pollution, the tampons with a plastic applicator are considered the worst.

    If you still want to use tampons, a better option is an organic one. They are made from non-plastic materials. Nevertheless, even such organic tampons still create waste. They cannot be recycled due to their nature. 

    Menstrual cups are reusable and can last for many years. By using these cups you don’t create waste while still feeling comfortable during your periods.

    2. Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals

    Did you know that many brands of tampons contain toxic chemicals in them? For example, harmful pesticides to grow cotton or bleaching chemicals are present in most tampons. They are quite harmful and pollute both the environment and our bodies. Even in small doses, chemicals may provoke the development of different pelvic conditions over time.

    Part of the problem is that you cannot find vital information about the product on the packaging since FDA classified tampons as medical devices. This means they allow companies to hide it. It makes sense to use a menstrual cup just because it doesn’t bring the risk of toxic chemicals.

    3. Lower risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

    The risk of TSS from tampons is low. This is especially true when you follow all precautions, regularly change tampons, and use the lowest absorbency level. However, the potentially life-threatening risk still exists.

    What about menstrual cups? In theory, it is possible to get TSS from menstrual cups. But it is possible with anything you put inside your body. As of now, only 2 cases of TSS from a menstrual cup were reported. This happens only because women left them inside for too long. There are still fewer cases of TSS from menstrual cups than from tampons. 

    4. You’ll save money

    Tampons are expensive. An average woman uses about half a box to 2 boxes of tampons every single period.  One package costs on average $6 The top-quality menstrual cup that will be safe for your body costs about $30 on Amazon and will last you years. Menstrual cups are also reusable and there is no need to buy new every period. Compared to tampons you will start saving money in only a few months. 

    If you use disposal pads it also makes sense to switch to reusable cloth one. They have the same money-saving potential as menstrual cups.

    5. No more dryness  

    Do you remember that horrible feeling when you pull out a dry tampon?. The tampon absorbs blood, but it can also absorb some of the vaginal moisture and vaginal flora (the normal bacteria that is typically in the vagina).

    Menstrual cups don’t disturb the natural lubricating ability down there. Cups don’t interfere with the natural process of shedding menstrual blood, dead cells and bacteria. If you regularly experience vaginal dryness consult your gynecologist. The doctor will help you to determine whether switching to a menstrual cup can relieve unpleasant sensations.

    So why not try a menstrual cup today. You can be saving your body and the environment from toxic chemicals and pollution.

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      I'm about to buy it every time I start my period. Currently on it, and decided to go for it, especially after reading your post. Thank you for sharing!  

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